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  • Top 5 Mac OS X Apps to Keep You Entertained

    Mac OS X isn’t really about entertainment – it is aimed at creative people, people who produce content rather than consume it. But even the most hardcore worker needs some rest, and unwinding watching a TV show or playing a game is often a good time spent for everyone. While Apple isn’t marketing all the entertainment capabilities of their OS, the apps for that are already on the market, you just need to get them. Here is a small selection of what you can find for Mac OS X in the entertainment category

    VLC Media Player

    VLC is practically the best media player you can find for Mac OS X. It can play back most of the existing file formats and codecs, so you won’t have any problems with unsupported file playback ever again. While VLC player may not be as intuitive as iTunes, when you have to open an unsupported file, you know it will never fail you. The interface also supports skins, so you can always change its look if you don’t like the default one.



    Angry Birds

    Angry Birds have worked (or smashed :-)) their way into every major and minor operating system, including of course Mac OS X. While you could play it on Facebook or other sites in Flash format, the native Mac app gives you a much better experience thanks to it being, well, native. As for the gameplay itself, if you don’t know it, you should get it ASAP – I can almost guarantee you’ll be playing it for hours at end and will be coming back for more after!



    This is one of the best all in one players on the market. Miro is open source, and thanks to the amazing community of developers, it can play both music and video files very well, supporting most of the formats and codecs out there and having a lot of useful features for both categories. For example, you can sync it with your current music library, convert files to mp3 and sync it with Android devices (it goes without saying that it works with the iPhone, too), listen and buy songs directly from Amazon, play most of the video formats on the market (not quite up to VLC level, but pretty close), and more.



    If you like watching TV channels, this is THE app to get for your Mac computer. You can stream and watch over 1,000 channels online, at any time you want. All of it is free, of course, but you do get advertisements from time to time (to get rid of them, you can just get the paid Pro version). You get all the important news channels, as well as a lot of minor and local ones for the best coverage, plus channels specialized in movies, shows, music and other stuff.


    MC Solitaire

    Long time Windows users really seem to like this game, which by the way has no way for the player to actually “win”, but it’s a great time waster, for sure. If you’re just switching to Mac OS X from Windows, you might miss it, but there’s no reason to: MC Solitaire provides the same entertainment and actually looks better (but that depends on who you’re asking :-)).

    Mac OS X may not be all about entertainment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide it. In addition to the apps above, there are a lot of other great ones out there, and recently, a lot of game developers also started porting their games for the platform, as well – you can find a lot of great titles for the OS if you want to.


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