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  • Top 10 Must-Have Free Apps for Android

    My post is intended to be a brief guide to the most needed applications for Android. You can see below that many of those applications are very popular nowadays.

    10. Lookout Mobile Security

    When you have a toy like Android only for the child inside of you, you try to be optimistic. You don’t want to take into account the idea that you could lose it one day or it could be stolen. But things like that happen and we all want to be protected.
    Lookout Mobile Security does two important things: first is an antivirus and then a backup for your data. Basically it’s a must have for your cell phone security. While the free version can be installed on your phone like decent antivirus, the paid version locates your phone in case of theft, you can remotely lock or even delete your personal data if you want it. Note that it has backup solution for SMS and picture.
    This is definetely a must have application.

    9. Whatsapp Mesenge

    Let’s get this straight.  Do you send text messages to several people several times a day or repeatedly? Would you like to pay less on this service? Well, with Whatsapp Mesenger you are not paying anything. Download the application, install it,  find the contacts you want to stay to chat and wire it up and send your messages, without any additional cost. Whatsapp is using the WiFi network or 3G connection to send or receive messages from any device like Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

    To understand better, Whatsapp is similar to any instant messaging program, such as, for example, Yahoo Mesenger, except that you should never log into the application each time you open the phone. Whatsapp alerts you by different tones when you receive a message, or you can set it to sound as if you getting a SMS.
    It has a simple graphic and is extremely easy to install and setup.

    You can find it in the Android Market, by clicking the title of this application. Let me add that the first year it’s free so go ahead and enjoy it.

    8.  Minimal RSS Widget

    Why is it called Minimal RSS Widget? Because it is just what it says … a minimalist RSS feed, easy to install, easy to set up, spends very little resources, so not bad either for those who have a limited data plan and goes well. Once installed, the widget can be placed well away on one screen, which is nice, including several customization several options: the refresh rate, auto scroll, scroll speed, maximum number of entries.
    The application is particularly useful for those who want to be up-to-date about the events, of a, say, some online publications. I used it myself and it went smoothly, without eating too much data.

    7. WebTalks

    WebTalks brings a text-to-speech technology and voice-recognition in the world of RSS feeds. Why it’s cool about WebTalks? Because it integrates into Google Reader and only if you want, you read articles out loud (!), Counting and using the above-mentioned technology, text-to-speech.  This Application with the voice recognition function can even search in your subscription list after, let us take an example, BBC news.
    You can even use WebTalks while driving, so WebTalks is a must have application for drivers especially.

    6.  Screen Filter

    This application is in tune with the times, especially now when Super Amoled Plus technology has become a standard. Screen Filter is specially designed to reduce the brightness of the screen to view at night.
    Put simply, the application comes with a shadow that puts a curtain over the screen, to ensure that your eyes don’t hurt. And please believe me, at least from what I know, after an hour of playing in the dark with a Super Amoled Plus device, the eyes begin to tire noticeably.
    Facilities: brightness slider uses a logarithmic scale, for a finer tuning, you can create a shortcut on the home screen of the application, to activate it when you think it’s necessary.
    Another utility for Screen Filter is extended sessions of browsing and reading.

    5. Gesture Search

    This awesome application is powered by Google, but does not come, yet, by default, with Android smartphones. In simple words, this application will turn your screen into a canvas on which you may color it with gestures, and the software tries to guess what you want to say showing you choices from numerous resources. It can search the contact list, applications, or in some specific settings. Gesture Search is particularly useful when you want something but you forgot where you put it. It is original, well thought out, easy to use and, in a phone full of too many applications, can facilitate your searches.

    4. Dropbox

    For those who do not know, Dropbox is an application that synchronizes data between multiple computers or between computer and a mobile terminal. Timing is so well done that allows live streaming of music, for example, or even videos. Dropbox allows you to easily and effortlessly synchronize files between multiple computers, operating systems and now is available for your smartphone. Once you have a Dropbox account, you receive 2GB free storage space. You can easily make a backup of your files,  is actually the main thing you can do with Dropbox. Good for business partnership too.

    3. Hide It Pro

    If you have photos on your phone that only you want to see, nobody else, then  this application meets your unspoken desire for privacy. Hide It Pro offers high standard of intimacy. So, what’s stopping you? if you care about your private file, then this is an must have application for you.  This application do the same tricks with your videos or audio recordings.  Select all the pictures or videos you want to hide and do it.

    2. Medscape

    Medscape for Android is seen by some experts one of the most comprehensive medical guide. Here is what this application offers:
    – References to drugs, including herbs and supplements
    – Information about various medical procedures
    – Daily medical news
    – Information about all kinds of clinical issues, etc..
    The  good thing is the availability of this application in English, which, combined with a specialized language makes it advisable, it is a very useful application for specialists.

    1. 1Password

    Always use the same password when you register on a site, create an email account or subscribe to an online service? Well, many do so, mainly because, for an inveterate navigator is difficult if not impossible to hold two different passwords. That means, however, often choose convenience at the expense of safety. The 1Password application makes this comfort to be sure. Let’s see why!

    1Password is the ideal program to save your passwords, usernames, credit card data, serial numbers of software etc., all nicely placed in a secure way. You also have the option to block remote access to 1Password, with a a password or by sending a four-digit code. 1Password can sync with 1Password for Mac and 1Password for Windows. The application is free. Enjoy it as much as you can.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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