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  • Top 10 Mac Free Multimedia Software Utilities

    Today, the software industry is improving at a very fast pace especially for Mac.  There have been a lot of new free as well as commercial applications developed to improve every Mac user’s life.  I have gathered my Top 10 list for the best Free Multimedia Software Utilities for Mac OS X. Read through the list and you may find something that will suit your multimedia requirements.

    10. Burn X Free

    BurnX Free is a multimedia application for Mac that offers easy CD burning procedures using multiple sessions. It utilizes a hybrid format making it work perfectly even with other platforms. Simply drag and drop your files or folder to the main window of BurnX Free and you’re good to go. Additionally, this great software is able to erase a CD-RW.

    With BurnX Free, you can burn as many sessions as you need on a disk. Just remember that the more sessions you have, it will take more time to mount your drive as well. This is because each session requires a specific amount of space on your system. If you are using traditional CD players with BurnX Free, you need to close the session first so that the disc can be read properly.

    9. Blender

    Blender is 3D editor that is available for free. It includes a lot of great features and animation capabilities that can be grouped into the following categories: Modeling, Rendering, Rigging, Animation, Interface, UV Unwrapping, Physics, Particles, Shading, Imaging and Compositing and Game Creation/Real Time 3D. It may be used with other tools for an advanced user, and the good news is, Blender will not interfere with the image that is being edited. Moreover, a lot of extras and additional scripts may be easily added since it is an open-source program.

    A beginner may need to spend hours learning how to use this cool Mac application but since many detailed tutorials  are available online, you will be able to create amazing images with a little patience. You may also visit online forums to talk to other Blender fanatics  for more tips on how to use Blender.

    This all-in-one animation software may be used to make computer generated videos and images. In the past, Blender was available as a paid program by NeoGeo, but the founders are able to raise funds to buy the rights for the software. It is now under the GNU General Public License making it free for its users.

    8. Miro Video Converter

    In the last few months, Miro Video Converter has been one of the most recommended multimedia applications for Mac users. It is a cross-platform software and offers an easy way to convert videos. Simply drag and drop your files to convert them and you may also browse the clips that are on your system. When a clip is selected, you will be provided with prefabricated conversion templates (iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, etc.) to choose from. These templates are designed for mobile devices allowing you to crunch a file and bring it with you.

    Additionally, Miro Video Converter offers support for HTML5 video formats such as Theora, WebM, MP4, AVI, Flash, QuickTime and many others. You can enjoy all these features with Miro Video Converter for free.

    7. FireStarter FX

    A pure Cocoa CD burning program, FireStarter FX was developed specifically for Mac OS X. This free application features a unique round interface and instead of having a normal toolbar that you see in almost all other applications, buttons and options are located inside the round interface. FireStarter FX allows you to create back ups for CD’s that other programs (Roxio Toast, Disc Copy) cannot copy.

    Moreover, FireStarter FX allows you to save your files as either an .iso file, or as a bin/cue set. You also have the ability to automatically split large files over multiple discs.

    Given all of the points above, I feel that FireStarter FX is a recommendable program for Mac users. The program may have some missing features that the others have but I believe that it’s always great to have some options available for all types of users. And best of all, you may download this program anytime because it’s free!

    6. MacTheRipper

    An amazing DVD ripper, MacTheRipper is ideal for those who need to extract video from their DVDs, so that the movies can be played somewhere else. New users may feel a little confused with MacTheRipper’s interface but you will get used to it in no time. For starters, just focus on two things: the Disc and Mode tabs. The Disc tab allows you to choose the region where you want the video to work in and it also lets you choose specific actions that you want to disable as you rip your disc. The Mode tab, on the other hand enables you to choose the mode of extraction you prefer – the whole disc, a chapter of the disc or a specific title. As soon as you make your selection, click on Go and MacTheRipper will begin the process.

    There is also a manual that you can use as a guide for the process. It would normally take you about 30 to 40 minutes to extract a disc. When it’s done, you will see the output on your hard drive located in a folder named VIDEO_TS which is in another folder that has the movie’s name. To play the file, just launch your DVD player application and choose the file you want to watch.

    5. VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player is a media player that can play almost all video and audio formats. It may be downloaded for free and they have released versions for various operating systems including MAC OS X. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

    VLC Media Player can record all types of media and may also be customized with a wide variety of skin designs. This player also allows you to watch movies in full screen without the status bar at the bottom. It may also be utilized as a streaming server and client. What’s more, VLC Media Player may be set up to stream videos from a CD, DVD or a file as a server, while another client can stream the exact same file without the need to encode it.

    4. Audacity

    A free audio editing and recording application, Audacity is available on most platforms as open source application under the GPL license. Audacity enables you to edit, export, and import a long list of audio formats, including most of the major ones. It allows real time recording of up to 16 tracks simultaneously. Audacity enables the user to edit an unlimited number of tracks, use VST plug-ins, and includes plug-ins for compression, and normalization as well. Similar to other sound editors and recording software’s, you can go 16-, 24-, or 32-bit and up to 96KHz for recording with Audacity.

    Best of all, Audacity is FREE. Mac users enjoy using this application because it offers more features than Garageband.

    3. HandBrake

    Handbrake is a free, downloadable video encoder for Mac, Windows and Linux systems. It is a light application and does not occupy a lot of space on your hard drive. To use HandBrake for DVD conversion, just choose the DVD name. But if you want to convert a file that has already been ripped on the hard drive, just choose the Video_TS folder on your screen.

    After HandBrake has scanned the Video folder or the DVD, you will be provided with conversion preferences. First, you will have to choose the DVD part that you need to convert. For TV shows/series DVD’s, you will see a new entry for each episode. Then, you will create your preferred name as well as the destination folder for the converted video. You may also set preferences to automatically name the file based on the DVD source.

    HandBrake features also include frame rate, video size, bit rate, audio quality, the number of audio channels and many more.

    2. Picasa

    Picasa is a photo organizer and picture editor created by Google. It is an amazing application that will be ideal for newbies and advanced users as well. With Picasa, pictures may be sorted quickly into several albums and may also be edited and shared to friends and family. On the other hand, for professional photographers that carry an extensive photo collection, Picasa may not be the best option as it offers only 1GB of free hosting service.

    Picasa enables you to use keywords for the photos and then use the albums to manage them according to your preferred settings. Just like to a play list, you can create a collection of pictures in an album or a single photo in multiple folders and this will not take consume additional storage in your hard drive. If the photos are removed in any of these albums, the original file will still be available. This cool photo-editing tool has a tutorial available online to guide those who just downloaded the software.

    1. LiquidCD

    LiquidCD is a free Mac application that burns information to optical media. Also, it is able to handle different types of disk images and it can create from disk as well as burn to disk. Formatted disks using this amazing program are both visible on Macs and PCs. The user may also customize these disks according to their preferences.

    LiquidCD is very simple to use and easy to learn. Just drag or add what you want to burn, go to the properties button to create a name and give your new disk an icon, and then click on Burn. From there, you can set the disk file system, and set other burn options. On the other hand, you may also choose to save the unburned disk as a disk image.

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