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  • Top 10 Free Twitter Applications

    Most of us spend at least couple of hours on social networks every day and sometimes we don’t have time for all the details. This is where these applications facilitate our work (or increase the fun). Below is the list of 10 most used Twitter programs.

    10. TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR application for desktop. You can send and track messages, view profiles and you can customize the list of users strong enough to read them. You can divide the window into multiple columns: Direct Messages, Acknowledgements, Groups (created by you), Facebook Status, Favorites, Featured TweetDeck, and StockTweets TweetScoop. The option that lets you create groups and sort people to watch carefully as a particular topic or event change. It has an option to translate incoming messages in English and those sent in … well in many languages. Very useful are the “shortened” link and the ability to “upload” a picture (the picture will be stored in the Twitpic account).

    09. TweetMeme is a wordpress plugin that displays a retweet button to post. Allows display in different parts of an article, displaying the RSS feed button, it comes with two button sizes: normal (one in the picture below) and compact. And it will show on the dashboard (from the wordpress) statistics for the past 24 hours for the last 5 posts.


    08. Twitterfeed allows you to add more feeds to a Twitter account. So when you post something new on the blog, a message with the link, the article title and the first words of description will be sent to Twitter. Twitterfeed indicates the number of clicks that were made on the link (Article) shortened with (you can choose another method of shortening the links). You can login with an OpenID account.


    07. Twitter Search is a pretty powerful search engine. What can you find with it? What keywords you want. The software will search from the stored twitter messages. You can perform searches based on words, tags, the language that a message was written, depending on the person (who said or referred to), areas delineated by date and/or by the message attitude (positive, negative, etc.).


    06. Twitpic is a site that lets users post photos with ease on the micro blogging platform Twitter. Twitpic is very useful when you need or want to send photos from an event quickly. It is similar to Flickr.

    05. TwitDir a “Twitter directory”, you can search for users by their name, username and name, or just username, location or description. It has besides the search engine it has statistics on the most watched 100 people, best followers etc.


    04. Twitter Facebook App – shows the name of the application which is good. What it can do? Connect the Twitter account with the Facebook so that when you post a message on Twitter will also be displayed as your new status on the most used social network (Facebook).


    03. TwitterBar is a nice add-on for Firefox. After installation you can send directly to the twitter, the page URL where you are, but at the same time you can write a message in the address bar (which is then posted on Twitter).


    02. helps you track the messages marked with a hashtag, people who used the mark and how often it was used last month. Also according to hastags you can see the latest trends, can watch the most used bookmarks or the last person who used one.


    01. DestroyTwitter And finally, we’ve arrive at the DestroyTwitter, this is a multi-platform client that supports the Foursquare and Gowalla services. It can also handle filters so you can get rid of unnecessary tweets. The main interface is a bit hard to handle for newest twitter users but their themes will surely let you customize DestroyTwitter’s appearance exactly the way you like.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 


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