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  • Top 10 Free Photo Applications for Android

    Do you remember the times when mobile phones came with photo camera? It seems incredible that we can take pictures with our mobile phone. And time has passed like a moment, and now we have not only phones that make and capture video, but we even have smart-phones with different applications and a multi-megapixel camera.

    Below we present some applications that will help you do the best photos with Android devices. Just click on each of their titles and start downloading  these Android apps. Enjoy these applications because they are free.

    10. Big Camera Button

    bigcamera buttonA simple idea and well thought out, especially for those who often try to take pictures and do not know how and if it happens to click the appropriate button. Big Camera Button application turns your entire screen into a button, so you don’t need to worry that you do not have a physical one dedicated to your camera. This is a simply and easy application that it’s worth trying. Enjoy this unique application.

    9. Andropan

    This application allows panoramic pictures, by executing a series of photos side-by-side, which would then be stuck. You can set the resolution of images captured. If we used to make those photos one by one then struggle to put them side by side being careful to match the exact details this application now does all of our work.  Just take photos and then select the Create Panorama and the job is done. Have fun!

    8. Retro Camera

    Retro Room is an application that allows you to apply various old-school effects to your photos and store them in the gallery as it hung on a rope in a dark room, just to emphasize the retro look.
    The Retro Room can add a variety of vintage effects to make those images appear old. Five types of vignette effects, old movie effect, black and white, etc. It is a fun application and don’t forget that it’s free.

    7.  Camera Illusion

    The main purpose of this application is a fun rather than one to improve the quality of the images. A salient feature for this application is the real-time editing images and even in time of the photography, saving you the effort of entering edit mode after the picture is done.

    You can apply different effects, including comic strip style drawings in chalk or the illusion of looking through glass. Probably not as good application to take great pictures, but it is a good way of entertainment in this domain. You can even use your own custom frames, learn how buy accessing the “help” section of the application. Feel free to give it a try yourself and enjoy its features.

    6. PicSay

    PicSay is an awesome application for Android with which you can edit your photos as you want. Besides the fact that it offers options to correct the color, remove the red eye color any other errors, the software offers various fun ways to edit images. You can add different pictures, words, stickers, word balloons or paint effects. Or just have fun with distortions, cuts, special effects and different features. PicSay offers the possibility to re-size your pictures.

    5. FXCamera

    The application can be used to apply various photo effects. Among them you can find some common effects just like the portfolios of photographers,ToyCam, Polaroid, which changes the picture format and colors that made it very old. Another important function of this application is that images are always rotated in the correct position when loading them up, so you can sit without worry about the situation that the photos are upside down on your profile.

    4. Mobile

    Adobe Photoshop Express is a web application which has been adapted for mobile devices, Android and iOS. Of the options we touch to crop, rotate, adjust color and make artistic effects.  Users can, among other options, edit photos, add captions and to take advantage of the Photoshop features. A free online account at website allows users to load Android pictures, within the space of 2 GB. You can also access your uploaded photos and videos directly from this application.

    3. PRO Paint Camera

    Pro Paint Camera is what you need when you want to add text over pictures, add solar or negativ effects, like the rest of the standard effects applications. PRO Paint Camera is quite a simple to use photo application that matches the main features of MS Paint, but of course, you can find here some great advanced effects like three whitebalances, four filters, some awesome drawing effects, 35 clipart and 21 amazing text fonts. You will definitely won’t be disappointed.

    2. Camera 360

    This application can change your camera phone into a professional one. Can add interesting effects such as tilt shift, transformation into HDR photography, draft, ghost, etc. Camera 360 can add effects like light and color, can definitely change the image to be funny or however you want. You can set the focus on an image or set the minorities in the pictures. Camera 360 will surely bring you a better picture quality.

    1. Time Lapse Lite

    Time-Lapse-Lite-AndroidThis application allows you to create small videos from your photos.

    The application can be set to take pictures at a certain time and at a certain speed, images which are then pasted and saved as a video. For the a quality effect the phone should be fixed in a certain place, and the photographs to be made from the same position. So, what are you waiting? Go ahead and make your own Time-Lapse movies!

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    How about picsin (former photoid)? It is a quite popular app now and currently is #6 in top free photography apps.