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  • Top 10 Free iPad Apps for Cable TV

    Being able to watch movies, cable programming and other content from anywhere is a reality now. All you need is an iPad and the right app. We’ve reviewed the top apps available for iPad and shared our selections below. With these apps, you’ll be able to watch programming from Comcast cable and other providers, rent and stream movies, program your DVR, and more.

    All of the apps are free to download. With most services – Netflix, Comcast cable, Hulu Plus, etc. – you’ll need a subscription in order to access content from them. Some of them allow you to load the app and start watching TV without hassle. Enjoy!

    Xfinity TV

    Comcast cable is the companion app for subscribers of their Xfinity service. The app can work as a remote for Xfinity cable boxes, as well as search through content and program the DVR. The crown jewel of the app, though, is that it allows users to watch TV shows and movies from Xfinity on the go. It doesn’t allow viewing of live TV programming, but it does offer access to Xfinity’s large On Demand library.


    The most ubiquitous of TV and movie apps, Netflix allows you to access your account from anywhere and stream content instantly. On top of this, it lets you update your queue and view upcoming releases. If you have a Netflix account, this app is a must have.


    This is an excellent app for sports fans. It lets you watch live streams from several of ESPN’s different networks. These include ESPN and ESPN2, as well as ESPNU and ESPN3, their streaming service. The only downside is that the app is partnered with several cable providers. You’ll need to log in with your account from whichever cable provider you subscribe to in order to start watching.


    TBS has released an app for sitcom lovers. The network is known for their syndication of popular TV shows, and the app strengthens this reputation. Shows like My Name is Earl, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Family Guy are available to watch – all for free.


    This app by Sony offers free movies. It is totally free, relying on advertisements instead of fees to generate revenue. The library is limited, but it does have a number of well-known films available, as well as the TV series Seinfeld.

    ABC Player

    This is the ABC network’s shot at an iPad app, and it’s a good one. It provides the obvious services, like allowing users to stream episodes of their favorite TV shows. It provides other handy features as well. If you’re in the middle of a show and pause it, ABC Player will resume where you left off once you come back. The app also lets users search ABC’s upcoming schedule of programs.

    HBO Go

    HBO Go has been a hit with fans since its release. The service allows subscribers to stream HBO’s library of content on their computer or smart TV. With the app, HBO brings the popular service to the iPad. As long as you have an HBO Go subscription, the app is one you’ll want to get right away.

    Hulu Plus

    This is an iPad app for subscribers to Hulu Plus. With the app, users can access their Hulu Plus account on the go. This enables them to watch current season episodes from a number of popular shows, such as The Office and Family Guy. Users can also update their queue from this app.

    CNN App for iPad

    This is the iPad’s top source for live news. The network is one of the most reputable news networks in America, and they understand that not everyone who wants live content on their iPad is looking for movies. The app allows live streaming of the CNN network, but also lets users pick and choose the shows they want to watch. The CNN app even features social network integration, allowing users to share their favorite stories on Facebook and Twitter.


    Clicker doesn’t actually offer any content directly. Instead, it searches through the web’s most popular sources, such as Netflix and VEVO. Once you find something you want to watch, clicking it takes you straight to the content you selected – as long as you’re a subscriber to the source. The app is useful on its own, but it becomes more useful when you have multiple subscriptions to services and don’t want to search them all.

    A writer of all things technical, Blake Sanders writes at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert and specializes in Comcast cable and other providers, as well as cell phone news and industry information.

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