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  • Top 10 Essential Free Software for Mac

    In need of the best Mac applications? We have compiled a short list below of the Top 10 Essential Mac Freeware that you can download on your Mac. These are great and highly functional applications that we have tried and tested among hundreds of free programs available online for Mac OS X. We are positive that whatever your needs are, you will find something that you need in this list.

    Here is a list of  TOP 10 Essential Free Software for Mac. Read on and know more about these amazing applications that can help you achieve a better computing life without costing you anything.

    1. Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is one of the best Internet browsers online. Simple, easy but packed with great features and unbeatable speed, Firefox lets you enjoy your browsing experience at all times. Best features of Firefox are the integrated search engine and tabbed browsing capability. This browser has more than 6,000 add-ons and plug-ins that allow each user to enhance and customize their browsing experience. It is grouped into different categories such as entertainment, blogging, tools, security, news and many others.

    Download Firefox. To read full review, click here.

    2. ClamXav

    ClamXav is a free graphical front-end for the open source ClamAV virus checker. It updates virus definitions daily and is popular among open-source proponents. Clamxav’s interface provides a number of settings and preferences. For new users of this program, it may be a bit confusing to perform the usual operations such as scheduling scans for your Mac as well as making sure that threats are quarantined. This virus checker has a simple interface that contains all controls in one central window. The settings include some options and controls but majority of what you will need to use the program is in the main window.

    Download ClamXav. To read full review, click here.

    3. AppCleaner

    One of the best uninstaller application for Mac OS is the AppCleaner. It is an amazing application that aids in uninstalling unwanted programs on your Mac. The good thing about AppCleaner is that it also takes out additional files that come with the program. It is very accessible and easy to use and does its job flawlessly. It is never enough to just simply deleting the application. It requires total removal and to do that you need a program that is capable in finding and deleting all these small files hidden in your Hard Drive. AppCleaner is guaranteed to find all these files and delete them safely from your Mac.

    Download AppCleaner. To read full review, click here.

    4. Handbrake

    Handbrake is a free, download-able video encoder that may be used for Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. It is very easy to use and also does not occupy much space on your system. As soon as you download and start HandBrake, you will be looking at the familiar Open dialog that you would see on a Mac OS X. To use for DVD conversion, just select the DVD name. However, to convert a file that has already been ripped on the hard drive, just select the Video_TS folder on your screen. Additional HandBrake preferences include frame rate, video size, bit rate, audio quality, the number of audio channels and many other settings for advanced users.

    Download HandBrake. To read full review, click here.

    5. YemuZip

    An archiving tool that allows you to easily create ZIP files in Mac OSX, YemuZip is designed and created by Yellow Mug Software with one goal in mind: to make PC and Mac-friendly zip files using a quick drag and drop process. This small and visually appealing Mac application is built using Apple’s Cocoa Technology. Although your Mac has a built-in ZIP-compression functionality, YemuZip offers some additional features, making it a must-download for every Mac user. This resolves the problem of having unreadable PC files when opening a file that has been zipped on a Mac. Ideal for users who do not want complications and those who want to get the job done in a shortest amount of time.

    Download YemuZip. To read full review, click here.

    6. Quicksilver

    A great application that enables you to quickly find what you need from all your files, Quicksilver is one of the greatest and most practical tools for any Mac user. With Quicksilver, you can access any folder, file or program with a few keystrokes – easy huh!? Just type the first few letters of the program or file’s name and then press the return key to launch it. This application parses and indexes bits and pieces of the hard drive’s content in its Catalog. This is why it almost instantly displays a result according to your search. Upload files, email documents, view photos and play songs with this great application.

    Download Quicksilver. To read full review, click here.

    7. Caffeine

    Caffeine is a small program created by Lighthead Software. This tiny little cup is an unobtrusive item on your menu bar that is very easy to use and keeps your Mac awake without you adjusting and readjusting your system preferences settings whenever you need to. With Caffeine, you can comfortably watch videos and movies without the screen automatically dimming and falling asleep! To activate Caffeine, just click the cup icon on the menu once and you will see the steam from the cup icon which signifies that sleep has been temporarily disabled. To re-enable the sleep settings of your Mac, just click on the cup icon again and the steam will disappear. This lovely app works way faster than starting the System Preferences and manually adjusting the settings.

    Download Caffeine. To read full review, click here.

    8. Dropbox

    Dropbox is one of the most useful and nerdy tools available on the internet. Dropbox allows you to setup a virtual drive on your computer that can then be synced across the cloud (aka the internet) to any of your computers, smartphones, or the website. That is the easy way to explain Dropbox, but Dropbox is also hugely complex or hugely simple, depending on how you use it. You can get 2GB free for signing up to the service – so you can use the free plan as much as you want, forever. The 2GB is enough space for most people that are using Dropbox to sync their documents and smaller files, but for heavy users using Dropbox in a business environment the pay plans are well worth the convenience.

    Download Dropbox. To read full review, click here.

    9. Cyberduck

    Cyberduck is an open source and free FTP client for Macintosh computers. Cyberduck is so easy to use and interface is very Mac like. It is just an easy to use FTP client, there are really no fancy features, but the depth and breadth of the features really make this stand out as a great FTP program. I have never felt a reason that there is a need to purchase a more robust FTP client for Mac, Cyberduck does everything you would need it to do.

    Download Cyberduck. To read full review, click here.

    10. Kismac
    A wireless network scanner application created for Mac OS X, Kismac offers a wide range of features that has similarities with its Linux/BSD namesake, Kismet. As compared to its Mac competitors like MacStumbler, iStumbler or Net Stumbler, Kismac uses passive scanning as well as monitor mode. This program scans networks passively on supported cards which includes Apple’s Airport and Airport Extreme and a number of third party USB cards too such as USB Prism@ and USB Ralink support. It will also work actively on any wireless card as long as Mac OS X supports it

    Download KisMac. To read full review, click here.

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