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  • Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone

    We have compiled a list of top 10 iPhone apps for business users. Just click on the title of each application to download it.

    10. Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

    Quickoffice Mobile Connect Suite is an essential iPhone app for your business. With it you can read all DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX formats and beyond. You can even read the PPT, PDF, iWork, HTML, PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, TIF, MP3, and the list goes on. In this version you can find introduced the full multi-tasking function making your iphone a true “office tool”. In addition to this, this application comes with a significant improvement, support for the display retina.

    09. PDF Reader Pro

    PDF Reader Pro is a powerful business application for iPhone that must not miss from any iPhone. It helps you to open PDF files quickly. You can send them via Wi-Fi, and also can do directory file management, which brings you a big plus. You can now see the landscape just tilting the iPhone. It has also included a document scanner function. How could you not have this application on your iPhone? You should not miss it. You can create DOC documents, to make tables in Excel or Access, not to mention that this application has won many awards. For anyone who wants the Office on their iPhone I recommend this application.

    08. Intuit GoPayment

    Now you can use your iPhone for making payments with your card. Yes, you heard right, you no longer need to take a device for your credit, you can do that even with a Bluetooth device that you can pass your card and its preinstalled software detects this and fill the blanks very simple and easy. Similar systems are used by Apple’s own stores and certain companies, this is a very simple solution to collect payments from clients.

    07. Yahoo! Messenger

    Now you’ll be able to talk to your business partners directly from your iPhone with the help of the Yahoo Messenger application. Connect with your partners now, put your current status and start talking. You can talk to them through the awesome touch interface of your iPhone so that you can feel just like in front of the computer. This is an application that you should definitely have on your iPhone. Chatting is important! Go ahead and download it because it is absolutely free.

    06. The Weather Channel Max

    Weather Channel® Max application offers a wide range of tools for finding how is the weather in your region. In this way you know how to plan your time for next week, even for these couple of hours. Using TruPoint technology, Weather Channel is the only application that can tell you when and where goes the rain, thus you know where can fall and the last drop of rain. The Weather Channel Max is completely free so you can enjoy it as much as you can.

    05. MotionX GPS Drive

    MotionX-GPS Drive can turn your iPhone on the next generation of navigation for passers and cars. This iPhone application comes with enhancements that have never been seen before on mobile devices such as door-to-door personal navigation, innovative and simple user interface, live search, and much more. With the MotionX Find-N-Go advanced technology you can find everything. You can write just where you want to go and follow directions. All this is very simple with the  MotionX-GPS Driv application.

    04. Calculator+

    As the name implies, this application is a very simple and efficient calculator for your iPhone. It is elegant with an intuitive interface, shows at the same time both the equation and the result. Even supports handwriting, which you can write the desired number or different signs with your hand signs and will surely work. It’s easy to go back and forth with the operations. What is more fantastic is that Calculator+ is absolutely free!

    03. DataCase

    DataCase for iPhone / iPod touch turns your phone into a storage device and documents viewer. When iPhone users connect to the wireless network, it will appear as a network computer and can copy the files the user wants to carry/store/view on the iPhone. DataCase works on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is open for viewing the iPhone documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF), and can play video and audio files.

    02. Balance

    Balance is an application that allows users to not lose sight of their living expenses which they made ​​for a lists of priorities, to track what areas spends too much and where savings can be achieved. The information you write may be protected by password. Free application automatically calculates, depending on the costs noted, how much money you got from your wages or bank account. You can it out because it is a free application and you can learn a lot from it.

    01. SnapDat

    SnapDat application is used to create and exchange virtual visit cards via iPhone. It works very well if you want to save your contact information with just one click. Also, you can easily send information to another application user just by entering its name. SnapDat includes dozens of templates, layouts, includes even social content and allows call functions, text or e-mail. The application is free.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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