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  • The Usefulness of Dropbox

    Dropbox is one of the most useful and nerdy tools available on the internet. Dropbox allows you to setup a virtual drive on your computer that can then be synced across the cloud (aka the internet) to any of your computers, smartphones, or the website. That is the easy way to explain Dropbox, but Dropbox is also hugely complex or hugely simple, depending on how you use it.

    Dropbox is a for pay service, with monthly and yearly plans available. But, you can get 2GB free for signing up to the service – so you can use the free plan as much as you want, forever. The 2GB is enough space for most people that are using Dropbox to sync their documents and smaller files, but for heavy users using Dropbox in a business environment the pay plans are well worth the connivence.

    The Good:
    Dropbox just works as it is advertised. It syncs files across your computers and online just as it says it will. The sync is really great as well, because it only syncs up the changed parts of files so that you can save bandwidth and time by uploading smaller chunks of data. The system automatically detects when a new file is added and immediately starts to queue up the sync and begins uploading. You can also share files very easily with people through Dropbox by simply right clicking on the file in the file manager. The best thing about Dropbox is that it actually creates a file folder on your system and acts just like a folder on your hard drive would.

    The Bad:
    Dropbox is not for everyone, the way it works is ok for me, but not great. The reason is the because one of the best things about Dropbox is that it creates a folder on your system that becomes a “box” to sync. So basically the Dropbox area is segmented from the rest of your hard drive. I prefer to be able to sync from within the folders I currently use (as I like to be organized in one place). This limits the way I use Dropbox, because instead of being able to sync my Documents folder, I have to move my Documents folder into Dropbox.

    If you are willing to sync from a segregated folder, Dropbox is the best choice for you. The free plan offers all of the features that the paid do, and 2GB storage is plenty to start with.

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