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  • Synchronize your data with SyncToy

    Today, almost every one of us has instant communication devices and we have easy access to everything that we need about our work and personal life. It is very important that these files and all our gadgets are updated for us not to risk losing all our contact details and important information in any case that they broke, get corrupted or lost.  That’s the main reason why we should sync.

    Microsoft SyncToy is a stable, easy-to-use and convenient synchronization tool that is a part of the PowerToys add-ons from Windows XP. With SyncToy, it will be easier for users to keep files in folders identical on one system or across the network. It is one of the best tools that can help users sync their mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, external HDD’s and USB drives. It would make it easy for us to get what we need, when we need it using SyncToy.

    The first time that you launch this application, you will be guided through a pair of folders that are linked to each other. Both will have labels, namely Left and Right folders. You will then be asked to make a selection from five synchronization types:

    1.     Echo – works like a normal one-way sync

    2.     Synchronize – bidirectional method

    3.     Contribute – same as Echo but doesn’t delete files removed from the Left folder

    4.     Subscribe – updates files in common that have been updated, and

    5.     Combine – merges Contribute and Synchronize so files will be updated in both directions and no file will be removed.

    Synctoy also supports encrypted files and also provides a preview, which helps prevent loss of data. Nevertheless, this synchronization tool does not allow you to synchronize across the Internet. For this issue, Microsoft offers another tool called FolderShare.  Once Microsoft SyncToy has completed backing up and synchronizing your data, a summary will be displayed on the screen.  This will show you the number of files that were successfully backed up and will also notify you if there are files that failed.

    Overall, I can say that Microsoft did a great job with this synchronization utility. SyncToy is free to download and has no complicated windows and instructions that might be very confusing for new users.  Just launch, choose the way you want things to be synchronized and begin – that’s it! Download SyncToy now to experience all it’s benefits and take advantage from its great features.

    Download SyncToy

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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