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  • SPlayer a Powerful Replacement for VLC

    Coming from the Far East as the famous KMPlayer, SPlayer, or Shooter Player its full name is a simple video player dedicated to those who want a good free  media player.

    SPlayer Review

    An open-source product, SPlayer is based largely on the Media Player Classic-Home Cinema code, but offering a range of interface improvements, compatibility and options. Its user interface elegant simple with background wallpaper over the current one, populated only by quick button to open the files. The control menus for accessing,processing and adjustment options are implemented in the form of semi-transparent menus activated when the mouse cursor is positioned in the bottom of the screen. Main control bar offers outside the records control buttons, access to the playlist, which offers an option to load all files in a directory, a button to adjust subtitles and one for the adjustment of its size. The menu on the top offers quick adjustment of zoom level for the rapid implementation of advanced Pan and Scan routines. The remaining options are accessible via application of a context menu or the panel of options, with support for hotkeys, but without global support, or file associations.

    SPlayer removed a set of advanced options, such as controlling the type of renderer used or advanced setting mode processing a multi-channel stereo sound, the application automatically chooses optimal settings depending on the system and its audio settings. In this case. Compared to Media Player Classic, SPlayer does not provide direct access to built-in video codecs settings, their options may only be accessed after downloading a video stream, and they are pretty well hidden in the Help/Filters menu. Support for video formats is very rich, covering SPlayer, and MPC-HC’s father, a significantly  wide range of formats.

    Other features: image capture can be both stand alone or form a gallery of thumbnails, an easy way to edit subtitles, bookmarks, looping between two defined points of the video, Pan and Scan facilities and a 10-channel graphic equalizer, assisted by an audio mixer channels.

    SPlayer is an interesting product, simple, stable and powerful. The great thing is that it has a portable version, you can put it on a drive and use it wherever you want.

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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    i would say after using s player i stopped using any other players… s player is the best i have ever used and thank you very much for creating such an astonishing player.