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    Compared with other company products of Piriform (Recuva remember here, CCleaner or Defraggler), Speccy is an unknown illustrious and this is somewhat understandable considering the fact that the final version was launched some time ago. I take the opportunity to tell you that Speccy is available in a portable version and besides the fact that it is free, I was impressed by how friendly is.

    Far from being a competitor for SIW or Everest Ultimate, Speccy is addressed to those users who want to quickly find some information about what lies under the their PC, including processor type, motherboard, RAM, video card, optical drives and audio card, network, operating system and other peripherals. In addition, this information can be saved in *.XML file or an own *.speccy, very helpful if you try to debug from a distance.

    Information is presented in a highly intuitive way, and has only one existing menu, so it’s pretty simple. On the left are presented the 10 categories (operating system, processor, ram, motherboard, video card, fixed disk drives, optical drives, audio, peripherals and network), over them, being the analysis button.Speccy is not just an inventory of the system, but provides useful information in real time (eg, temperature, disks / the HDDs).

    Curiosity prompted me to test Speccy on an older system and was surprised to see that all components have been identified correctly. Speccy will not revolutionize the software model of analysis, but for what is thought to be doing, is great.

    With Speccy’s help, anyone can learn in minutes what type of RAM modules needed to upgrade, and / if the system allows them (there are free slots).

    Download Speccy now.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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