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  • Some Awesome Reading Applications for iPhone

    You’ve already got an iPhone and you need some applications?
    Below you will find some great reading applications for your iPhone.

    1 – Reeder

    News, blogs and other short articles should be read with the Reeder application. With it you can subscribe to RSS feeds that are available for all blogs, online newspapers and other publications.

    You can sort materials from sources that you are interested in chronological order or by the web sites they track.

    If instead you do not want to read them, but you’re convinced that you later you’ll find a story that you missed it, you can mark the text with “Read It Later”, and certainly you will find it whenever you’ll want in this application. Reeder helps you see videos on YouTube, and Twitter if you want to send e-mail or news, text or video you can do this directly from the application.

    To use Reeder you must have an account on Google Reader, that binds you to this online service.

    2 – Instapaper

    The Reeder is a very good application for small items. If we talk about long materials then Instapaper application will make your problems disappear. The basic version is free.

    How is this application? Read Later bookmarklet is installed on a desktop or browser and when you do not have time to read something on time, but do you think would be some interesting material and you will use it after a few days, you only need to click on bookmarkleet and the article will be saved.  The application automatically formats the text of the article and will become much easier to read, even more attractive will change the fonts, margins and spaces as well.

    3 – iBooks

    If we talk about iPhone applications I could not forget right the one from Apple. It’s about iBooks an application that can help you from time to time.

    When you open a book that automatically displays a brown border is supposed to be similar to a real book. When you change the page’s you will see an animation that help you to basically see how the book page will turn.

    The application is perfect for demonstrations and commercials, but do not know how good it is for someone who just wants to be focused to read a book.

    Click on each of the iPhone applications if you want to download them. Have fun reading!

    4 – Stanza

    Stanza is a free application that allows you to buy e-books through it because it has access to the Fictionwise library and other sources where you can buy amazing books online.

    It also has an integrated dictionary.

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