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  • SmartClose: The best tool to close all running programs

    When you use the computer every day to complete multiple work related and personal tasks, it is sometimes frustrating to manually close a system that has tons of running programs. Closing all running applications is required whenever you need to perform a scan, burn a CD or shut down the system. There are also instances when installing new applications requires you to close all running programs.

    SmartClose is an application that resolves this challenging task. Aside from automatically shutting down your programs, it will also take a snapshot of the running applications so you can simultaneously launch them instead of having to reopen them one by one. SmartClose can also disable the system’s screen saver.

    Using the application is very easy. All you need to do is follow the wizard that gives you step-by-step instructions and you will be done in no time. This program has available options enabling you to customize the settings depending on your need. You are able to choose if you prefer to close services, programs and screen saver.

    Another important feature of SmartClose is the Protected Programs. The programs in this list are not closed by the application. A number of Windows processes are protected by default. You have the option to add more programs in this list.  Keep in mind that any program or application that has been added to the Protected Programs list is going to be there permanently. Therefore, when you run SmartClose, they will always be protected until you remove them from the list. An option to “Only add program temporarily” may also be checked if you need the process or program to be protected once.

    To protect programs, you can start by typing in their file names. You can also choose from the currently running applications in the drop down menu. The snapshot feature then logs the information about the services and programs that you have just closed. This log will be saved and used when you restore the services/programs.

    Restoring services and programs is also as easy as closing them. What’s great with SmartClose is that you are able to choose the programs that you wish to restore. You can also re-enable the screen saver if you want to.

    I highly recommend SmartClose for every computer user. It is free to download and is guaranteed to make your computing life easier. Close and restore multiple programs in a few clicks.

    Download SmartClose now!

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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