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  • Skim: A PDF Reader and More

    The Portable Data Format, or more popularly known as PDF, is a form of data format created by Adobe. It is considered as one of the most accepted data formats available. For a Mac user, it can be viewed using Preview, an integrated application in OS X. But there are times when users feel that Preview does not have enough features for them to do digital edits on their PDF documents. That’s why we recommend Skim.

    Skim is a free to download application for Mac systems. It is specially developed to assist users in annotating and reading PDF documents. Skim looks very elementary as compared to Adobe Acrobat X. However, for a free Mac program, it still has great features that can really be helpful when it comes to digitally editing your PDF files. This PDF application does a great job in handling and editing pdfs.

    Some of the great features of Skim include the capability to edit and add notes, highlight important parts of the file, creating snapshots for a quick reference and it also allows you to make thumbnails with its visual history. Additionally, for Mac users who need to organize more files or bigger documents, Skim allows you to bookmark the content of a pdf file and also, it gives you the option to insert a comment in the bookmarks created.

    Skim supports external applications as well like SyncTex, LaTeX, BibDesk and PDFSync. These additional features may be found in the application’s Help manual to make it easier for new users to understand and navigate the program.

    This PDF application uses a familiar user interface, which is very easy to use. It includes the same navigation tools that Preview has such as Down, Up, Zoom, Forward, back and Jump to Page option. It also has a Reading Bar, an overlay that dims the rest of the page so you would only clearly see the line that you are currently reading. This Reading Bar can be configured according to your preference. There are also two reading modes, the Presentation and the Full-screen. Both options can expand the document window to fill the entire screen and mask your desktop, Doc and Menu Bar.  The first mode shows the page in full and allows you to present your PDF in a Keynote or PowerPoint manner. The Full screen mode, on the other hand, allows you to fill your screen with zoomed text for easier reading.

    Skim is a great Mac application that helps you better work with files in digital format. Download Skim today and enjoy the benefits of having all your information in an organized place.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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