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  • Shape Collage – Photo Collages With Few Clicks

    Shape Collage is a free software that allows you to create magnificent collages of photographs and other images, the main feature is its great simplicity and efficiency. Once installed, just add your favorite photos, this is easily done with drag & drop feature, after which you need to configure certain forms of collage, image size, distance between images etc.. Moreover it is possible to write captions for the photographs chosen for the collage!
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    Shape Collage is the kind of product that makes you exclaim WOW! How simple! Shape Collage can create photo collages using  variety of forms. It is an application written in Java, which gives us the advantage to be used on multiple operating systems, like Mac, Linux, or Windows.

    Being a Java application, before you try it, it’s good to have Java packages installed on your system. Details about how to install Java are on the official Java site and you can download the whole package from the same site.

    The application looks and works very well, the interface is very user friendly. The creative process is not complicated – photos can be added individually (even an entire directory can be “pulled” in the area of ​​application, and all graphic files will be loaded from the directory), then select the parameters (shape, space between the pictures, size, colors, etc..) at the end, the final image is saved.

    Some interesting features should be noted:

    – First and foremost, is that you can create a photo collage in less than one minute, with a few clicks of the mouse.
    – Photos are automatically placed in a smart way into the desired shape, and all this in a really quick and easy way.
    – You can use pictures from your computer, or even the Internet.
    – The final form of collages user is limited only by your imagination.
    – You can use the proposed forms from start – square, heart-shaped letters, symbols, etc.
    – The size of the collage, the total number of photographs, their size and the space between them can change as needed, you can easily get a collage of 200 photos, using only 10 shots as the source.
    – Can also change the background image, color, etc.
    – Collages can be saved as JPEG or PNG and PSD formats, each picture separately so that each layer can then be edited in Photoshop or GIMP.
    – Is a multi-platform, free, without annoying ads, viruses, etc.

    Download Shape Collage for Mac

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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