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  • See the World With Google Earth

    Google Earth is an application created by Google that allows its user to travel and see the bird’s eye view of the world in 2d or 3d. After installing this application, you can type in an address and Google Earth will try to locate it so can zoom right in to the typed address. With this application you can search for parks, restaurants, schools, hotels, tourist spots and many others. You can rotate and tilt the view as well, making it more fun. Also, you are allowed to add your own annotations and save or share your favorites.

    When you download this application, it will be presented in a binary file that handles the installation process. If you want to take advantage of the 3D support, a graphics card needs to be installed. You will be receiving a warning from Google Earth telling you that this might cause an issue. Though the application may be used without it, the graphics card will make the program run faster.

    After installation, you can easily go to anywhere in the planet. Users from the United States can greatly benefit from Google Earth because it features almost all of the great places in the US. The developers of this program used layers to present an assortment of data of general interest, which includes roads, borders, transportation, 3D buildings and others. In the 4th version of this software, they have added a new feature where it can have textured buildings allowing Google to make a realistic representation of the Earth.

    Google Earth uses KML file format to add and share data. Google made sure that they have expanded the capabilities of this format in the latest version to meet the demands and creative inputs of millions of Google Earth users who are interested in sharing and adding data to the Google Earth community. This application can also provide you with information about the distance from one place to another. It features both a line and path support and you can set the unit of measurement according to your preference as well.

    It is quite obvious that the data on this application cannot be updated very often, it is expected that a small percentage of its data can be a bit outdated. Google declared that majority of the images on the application is roughly about one to 3 years old.

    Given all of the above, it should be clear that Google Earth is one amazing application that brings in a lot of information in a fun and entertaining way.  A unique software that is free for personal use, I recommend this to anyone. I believe that upcoming versions of Google Earth will offer better features and more powerful than ever.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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