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    Editors PickTransferring bulk files from your SSH server to an SCP of SFTP can be a task but with WinSCP you can do so with ease. This utility was built for webmasters who tend to send files to and from remote computers/servers. The simple interface is ideal for those who want a solid program rather than a flashy attractive program that half works. Several encryption algorithms such as DES, Blowfish, 3DES and AES are supported by WinSCP to assist in your secure file transfer. For an even more secure file you have the option to add a private key to your files which can come in handy for any information that needs to be kept to yourself such as legal documents.

    WinSCP has a built-in text editor which allows quick editing with its numerous functions for you to choose from. Synchronized browsing is also a neat feature included. Once you change your directory in a single file panel with this feature on, WinSCP automatically opens the exact directory in the opposite panel. If the opposite panel doesn’t have an existing directory you are given the option to create it right there. This and other settings can be accessed through the command menu. A directory tree is shown to help you navigate quickly through your folders and can be shown by clicking its icon. You can now bookmark your favorite directories which can save you time from remembering long addresses. Two bookmark lists are here for you to select, shared and session bookmarks. Session is for your current sessions while shared is obviously shared amongst all sessions.

    WinSCP offers a great amount of special commands such as quick access to parent, root and home directories as well as navigating back and forward with a customized button of your choice. WinSCP is reliable and backed up by thousands of users as it offers effective solutions for transferring files and connecting securely to your directories. With numerous settings and functions and a simple interface to navigate with there is no reason not to try WinSCP.

    WinSCP  is a freeware for Windows OS Download WinSCP

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