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  • Search & Bid on Ebay with GarageBuy

    Are you an online shopper? If you are a frequent eBay buyer like me, there is a great application that lets you bid and watch your favorite items online. It has a lot of cool features that you will surely love. This application is called GarageBuy.

    GarageBuy is free to use and is developed for Mac systems. You just need an eBay account and a Mac that runs Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It utilizes Mac’s native interface and is very user friendly. This application allows you to save all your searches on eBay and also enables you to track all the auctions you are currently watching and bid on these items as well.

    GarageBuy Features:

    Easily search for items you want – Drill down into specific categories with this app. This search may be done inside the main window and once you are done, you can just move the search settings away.

    Bid and Buy – when you are bidding for an item that is about to end, GarageBuy will automatically update you on the current bid and the bidder’s name every few seconds. No more clicking on the refresh button!

    Search and Save – This application saves your searches and the auctions you found on your hard drive. GarageBuy will also provide you with the number of auctions that you have yet viewed for a specific item. You also have the option to either hide the items or add them to your watch list.

    eBay Certified – GarageBuy is certified by eBay for buying and bidding on their auctioning website. The latest GarageBuy version also utilizes eBay’s most recent programming interface to stay consistent with everything the site has to offer

    Gallery List – If you are searching for a specific item, GarageBuy’s Gallery view provides you with the most relevant images from as many auctions that will fit on your desktop screen.

    Track tour auctions – For each auction that you are watching, the application will tell you if you bid on it and if you are the winning bidder. Additionally, you can how much time is left on the auction in a glance. The auction’s icon informs you if there’s an iCal event for it and if it has met your threshold at a certain time.

    iCal Integration – GarageBuy works flawlessly with iCal. For each item you watch, GarageBuy will automatically schedule an iCal event that you can customize if you want to be reminded about it. And because iCal calendar database is a basic Mac OS application, events on this app gets automatically synched to your mobile devices or other Mac systems if through mobileMe. So with iCal and GarageBuy, you will never have to miss an auction again!

    Overall, it can be concluded that GarageBuy is one of the best free applications for Mac and eBay user.

    Download GarageBuy For Mac.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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