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  • Scribus: Desktop Publishing App and More

    An open-source Desktop Publishing application that was developed in 2001, Scribus was created by web developers who are into page design and typography. It is a cross-platform application and is free to download. This DTP app is available for different operating systems such as Windows XP/2000/Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. The most updated version of Scribus is version 1.3.4.

    With Scribus, graphic text and frames may be laid down and outlines may also be created so that text will flow around and lay out pages for design grids and page element. Also, most attributes may be controlled using the multi-palette settings panel, which enables you adjust the content as well as its frames. Your output can go straight to a desktop printer or can be saved as a PDF file.

    Features of this program include a high quality EPS, SVG, PDF import and export as well as CMYK color support. It also creates CMYK separations, ICC color management and interactive PDF’s with presetation effects, form fields and scripting. Other features of Scribus are enumerated below:

    • Document-wide layers – editable and items can be moved within layers.
    • Supports Unicode text and fonts including right to left text for Arabic and Hebrew script via freetype2.
    • Avant-garde PDF creation, such as interactive PDF forms
    • Page Templates and Page Palettes allow for easy page management
    • CMYK color including ICC color managed previews of images and embedding ICC profiles in PDF documents for accurate screen to print color. Scribus supports the proposed openicc specification for profiles.
    • Creation of CMYK and RGB color PostScript separations.
    • Supports the majority of PDF field types, and JavaScript actions.
    • Scribus imports many common text formats including OASIS (Open Document) and MS Word docs (via antiword).
    • Capability to output to professional quality image-setting equipment which includes advanced Level 3/PDF 1.4 PostScript devices.
    • Frames, visible and hidden with support for rounded edges and corners for text and objects, rotatable and scalable

    As I evaluate all of the features listed above, I conclude that Scribus is one of the greatest Desktop Publishing programs available on the Internet. It can run on any of the most used platforms, it is free to download and the best thing is, novices and advanced computer users can utilize it without any difficulties. Additionally, Scribus features a pretty splash screen and includes a few themes, enabling you to customize the look of your application. Lastly, although there are many desktop publishing applications available online, Scribus is free to download. So why pay for a program that does not even have what Scribus features?

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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