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  • Revo Uninstaller: An amazing software removal program

    People will usually download a new software and end up not using it at all. When this happens, these downloaded software needs to be removed from the system to free up the space that they occupy.

    As a program is uninstalled, it will be removed from the Program files folder. However, there are still hidden files that will always remain the the registry. If this would repeatedly happen to all the software that has been downloaded, it will eventually lead to a slower system.

    An application used for uninstalling software, Revo Uninstaller also has other features that helps you get rid of the leftover files on your windows system.

    It has free and a Pro version, and both versions are bundled amazing features that is not seen on any other software removal program. After uninstalling the software, Revo Uninstaller removes the “leftover” files from the system and wipes off all deleted files from the hard disk drive.

    You may also configure Revo Uninstaller depending on your needs. The interface looks very simple and is very easy to navigate. The software also allows adding extensions for a cleaner system. These may be done on the general options list.

    There is also one unique feature in Revo Uninstaller that is not seen on any other uninstaller program. It has Hunter mode feature that minimizes the the application to the task bar. The Hunter mode option allows the user to remove applications directly from the dektop. Just point the arrow like icon to a desktop icon of your choice and it will provide you with options to disable the process in startup, uninstall it, kill the process or open in containing folder and many others.

    With Revo Uninstaller, you are guaranteed that your registry will be squeaky clean of junk files and your system will always be optimized to perform at its best. Best of all, this program may be downloaded for free! I can say that this is way better than the add/remove programs from Windows which does the same thing. Revo Uninstaller does more than just removing programs. It takes care of unwanted registry items, shreds files, wipes your drive clean after uninstallationand also features a startup manager which enables the user to disable the processes and also remove them from the list.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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