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  • Resize Photos with VSO Image Resizer

    Are you someone who needs to upload multiply pictures to your online store, web pages or social networking profiles? Do you wish to quickly share photos online? I am sure you are aware that this task may be very tedious and time consuming and guess what? There is a solution to this problem – VSO Image Resizer is all you need! It is an amazing image resizer from VSO software that does an excellent job in resizing images and more. Read on and know more about the cool features of this application.

    Resize and Convert

    VSO Image Resizer not only lets you resize your images but it also allows you to easily convert them into your preferred formats. Choose your output resolution, create a duplicate, resize the original file, rename, move, compress multiple images and select where you want them saved. Use this program to work on a single file or edit multiple images by clicking on its batch resize option.

    Additional Settings

    Protect your images with VSO Image Resizer by adding your own watermark or a copyright to your pictures using an html-like text as well as transparency support. Adding a border or converting them to sepia may also be done to customize your photos. With its live preview feature, you will be able to view the final result before the image is processed. It supports RAW formats and quickly converts images because of its multi-core support. By right clicking on the image or folder from the Windows shell explorer, you will be able to instantly launch the application.

    Output and export

    VSO Image Resizer lets you add photos as attachments or in a ZIP file (for multiple images). You can also instantly email them using the publish function, without reaching the maximum limit allowed by most email servers. Using your images, you may also create PDF files. With the shell integration feature, you can access profiles in a single click. VSO Image Resizer have pre-defined a number of the most used profiles such as FULL HD resolution, Ipod, NTSC, wallpaper and 640 x 480.

    Digital Picture Frame Wizard

    This is another cool feature where you can transfer images and maximize space on digital frames. Resize your photos to the frames supported resolution for better viewing.

    Download VSO Image Resizer

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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    This is a needed tool if you need to resize your photos or your graphics to be the same: Image for your movie maker or albums. I will be back to buy. I just needed to know how it worked. You don’t need a help file its built in.