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  • Rename Files in Batches Using Namechanger

    NameChanger is an application created for Mac users. It is developed for easily renaming a list of different file types. To install NameChanger, just download its zip file and drag the app icon straight to your Applications folder.

    With this cool and user-friendly application, you will be presented with a simple interface to rename photos and other types of files and arrange them according to your own preferences. You can also be more specific with naming your files so it will be easier to file and organize them on your Photo library. Instead of having confusing photo names such as “IMG000123.JPG”, you can now use your own event titles like “MarksBirthday0001.jpg”

    How to use the NameChanger

    To rename your files using the NameChanger, click on its icon on the Applications folder to launch it. Then, drag and drop the files that you want to rename directly into the NameChanger window.  You will notice that the original filenames will be seen on the Original Filename column. There may be some grayed out rows on the screen. These are files that you do not have permissions to rename.

    The next step is to select how you want to change the file names. I have listed the available options below:

    1. Replace First Occurrence
    2. Replace Last Occurrence
    3. Replace All Occurrences
    4. Wildcard
    5. Append
    6. Prepend
    7. Date
    8. Sequence
    9. Character Removal

    As soon as text is typed into the proper text fields, the filenames will appear in the Renamed Filename column. As you type, every row is also updated and you will immediately see the changes that have been made. Lastly, click on the Rename button and all files will automatically be renamed. You will be notified in case there is a file or files that cannot be modified.

    For advanced users, there are additional options available for renaming files. The Options button includes options to hide the file extensions, force uniqueness of resulting names, ignore case or to change the selected and checked files.

    The checkbox, which is seen on the left side of each row, enables you to select which files will be changed.  This also enables you to select a number of files once and create subsets if you want to, without continuously adding and deleting files.  If the box has a check mark, the specific file will be changed, and it will not be altered if it is unchecked.

    System Requirements:

    Designed for Mac OS X 10.5+, NameChanger is a Universal Binary, so it is compatible on both Intel and PowerPC.

    For Mac OS X 10.3.x,  use version 1.0 and for Mac OS X 10.4.x use version 1.3.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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