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    Not everyone is aware that when a program or an application is installed, there are a lot of other files that are distributed throughout your system. These are files that the program or the application needs for it to work. When the time comes that you no longer need this application, then you need to uninstall it. Although there are many types of uninstaller available online, there are very few who do it well.

    One of the best uninstaller application for Mac OS is the AppCleaner. It is an amazing application that aids in uninstalling unwanted programs on your Mac. The good thing about AppCleaner is that it also takes out additional files that come with the program. It is very accessible and easy to use and does its job flawlessly.

    It is never enough to just simply deleting the application. It requires total removal and to do that you need a program that is capable in finding and deleting all these small files hidden in your Hard Drive. AppCleaner is guaranteed to find all these files and delete them safely from your Mac.

    To use this program, simply drop the unwanted application to the AppCleaner icon and it starts working. What is does is it begins searching for all types of related files and then gives you the final list of the application files then gives you the option to remove these files by clicking on the check box beside it.

    AppCleaner allows the user to uninstall a lot of things: System Preferences, Applications, Programs and Widgets. It utilizes a simple drag and drop method making it very easy to use even for new users. You can choose to drop it to the dock icon or on the uninstall window. To use the AppCleaner window, you must be in the Uninstall tab. If you feel that this option is too complicated for you, then the AppCleaner dock icon is your best bet.

    Aside from the normal uninstall functionality, AppCleaner also allows you to browse through all the existing applications on your Mac and let you decide which of these programs you want to get rid of. Moreover, AppCleaner does not only search the Applications folder for the list of programs but it also searches everywhere – all available drives, removable storage devices and even inside other application packages.

    To conclude, AppCleaner is a highly functional uninstaller that we recommend to all Mac users. It is free, easy to use and is guaranteed to make your application removal a whole lot easier than other uninstaller programs.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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