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  • Remember Everything With Evernote

    If you are someone who loves to take notes and create a list of useful information and web pages online, Evernote is one of the most useful applications that will definitely help you manage and organize this list.

    It sis very easy to use and stores thousands of notes, images, ideas, links and everything else that you would come across while browsing the Internet.

    The coolest feature of Evernote is that it stores this information on a server, which is synchronized regularly. This means that everything that you have stored in this program will still be available in case something happens to your system. Additionally, your information may be accessed remotely provided that Evernote is installed on the device you are using.

    This program is compatible with many platforms including Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Windows and many others. To use the application, an account needs to be set up. Each user will have an allocated monthly allowance of 40 MB.  For account holders who would use more than the 40 MB allowance, an upgrade is also available on their site.

    Evernote’s interface looks very simple and clean. On the top portion of the Evernote window, you will see the main icons. The left are contains the navigational are and the work are is located in the middle part of the window. You have the option to close and open some page elements depending on your preferences. This may be done using the View menu.

    Users may create a number of folders to organize the files that you need to store. One may create a folder for images, another one for recipes and one more for web pages. Create as many folders as you want to. You can also view it using the “All Notebooks” folder to view all your notes on one screen.

    All the icons that you will see on the top of the window are user-friendly. Use these icons to create new notes, email or print a note, add tags, delete a note and to view or edit the preferences associated with each note. It has a synchronization button, which can be set to synchronize automatically and a usage indicator icon as well. A search bar may also be found on top, which can be used to search notes, text, titles and tags.

    Additional features include:

    Paint format – write notes in freehand.  Works just like the Paint application. Choose from different pens and ink colors available.

    File import – enables you to import files of different types such as text, PDF, HTLM, WAV, and MP3.

    File export –export notes from Evernote to a specified location on your hard drive. The exported files can be saved in HTML, MHT, TXT or HTM.

    Merge notes – another practical feature. To use this, hold down the CTRL key and highlight the notes you want to merge, then select Merge from the Notes drop down menu.

    To sum up, Evernote is a great tool that will make your computing life easier and manage your notes efficiently. Ideal for both advanced users and beginners. Free, fast and user-friendly.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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