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    Editors PickWhat is wrong with my PC? Why is it taking ages to even start?

    These and several other questions like these kept humming around my head when my PC was giving me a hard time. I work from home, so my PC is like my life line. I tried everything else. There were no hardware problems and my PC was clean. I almost gave up my hope and thoughts of dumping my PC and buying a new one had crept into my mind. That is when an online acquaintance of mine suggested me to try out Registry Mechanic. It was supposed to help me by fixing my PC related issues. And did it help me, oh yes it did. I was so impressed with it; I decided to speak for it so that other people who could relate to my experience could help themselves. So here I am trying to explain what exactly Registry Mechanic is and how can it help in fixing PC performance related issues such as hard disk crashes, freezes etc.

    To understand how Registry Mechanic helps, you need to know what Windows Registry is.

    Windows Registry is an inbuilt hierarchical database used for storing Windows configuration settings and its various options. So anything goes wrong here, your PC performance is doomed. And it is very hard to find such complications as they are hidden from users.

    Did I like it when I used it?

    It was relatively easy to download and register, but is it worth all the hype surrounding it?

    It is in fact a very user friendly application which is easy to use, which means you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use Registry Mechanic. It also offers start up scans. It takes around one minute to scan your Windows registry database.

    Registry Mechanic’s wide scanning options such as software locations, shared dll, start up programs, adding/removing programs and many more allows you to perform a quick scan of the region where you suspect of finding an error. It also offers Custom Controls.

    Registry Mechanic follows priority grading scheme according to which it grades all the files targeted for repair into low, medium or high priority groups. It also monitors user system registry mechanism in real time and prevents build up of any errors. It offers quick and through deep scan facility.

    Its system optimizer includes components such as: optimization, processes, performance, drive space, and system information. The optimization section is used to open the Windows De-frag application, and the processes component is used to show the user information regarding the processes going on within Windows Task Manager

    Well, on my PC it worked wonders. Within one minute it found around 688 errors. All the junk that had been left over from install, uninstall operations, internet usage etc. That was the problem with my PC. All those errors were creating huge operational overheads. All the problems were fixed by single click.

    I’d definitely recommend it for users to have it as an accessory since it doesn’t cost much. It can prove to be a valuable asset.

    Download Registry Mechanic

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