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  • Record Your Screen For Free with CamStudio

    Every computer user would sometimes need more than just having an image from a screen. In these cases where you need to record on-screen actions, you can use programs such as CamStudio. The CamStudio 2.0 is a free program that utilizes AVI format. However, you may also convert these videos to Flash or SWF files without paying for any fees. CamStudio gives you the option to select from a number of available codec’s and it also provides a setting that automatically adjusts the frame rate.

    Other features of CamStudio include a setting where you can capture your screen once every 5 milliseconds up to once every 60 seconds. Selecting the region of the screen to be captured may be done by either dragging your mouse or by entering the coordinates of the screen. This program also has sound recording with interleave feature as well as an auto-pan capability that allows you to record a video by following the mouse cursor. Text annotation options are also available in this software

    Other features of CamStudio:

    • Record screen events with audio to create standard AVI video files for Windows systems.
    • Option to record directly to Flash SWF format which is ideal for small streamable video clips
    • Create SWF files from an AVI file using the SWF Producer.
    • Integrate sound in your videos by recording from your computer speakers or microphone.
    • Annotate screen movies with texts and callouts.
    • Video settings enable you to control quality, compression, frame rates and time laps.
    • Cursor settings enable you to use the default or a custom cursor. You can also opt to hide or highlight the cursor if you wish to.
    • Autopan allows a selected area to follow the mouse. Autoname clips by date and time to avoid typing.

    Having evaluated all relevant features of this program, I highly recommend CamStudio for both advanced and new computer users. It is simple and very easy to use whenever you need to record your screen activity. One drawback is that CamStudio does not provide editing options so make sure that your videos as well as your annotations are planned prior to recording. Also, if you do not have a large hard drive space, you can easily convert your AVI movies to Flash format. Lastly, CamStudio offers the best deal among all other screen recording software available on the Internet because it’s FREE!

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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