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  • Quick Dinners with iPhone Cooking Apps

    You can throw the cookbooks out of the window and take advantage of thousands of recipes that are literally at your fingers while using the applications that are available through the iPhone and the iPad to get best loved recipes from top chefs and instructions and videos to learn to make the dinners that are sure to please the family or are perfect for entertaining.

    Cooking is brought to the next level through the use of these applications that can enable you to cook with ease and even have access to handy tools like ingredient lists and menu planning for a week or two.

    Here are three of the most popular applications that can enable you to cook a family friendly meal or find a specific recipe that you have been looking for:

    Allrecipes Recipe Spinner

    AllrecipesTrying to find a dinner that can be created with the ingredients that you have, in the type of cookware that you would like and have it ready in time for dinner? Using the application available from All Recipes, it has never been easier to get dinner on the table.

    Whether you are looking for a quick dinner or a recipe that includes certain ingredients, the family will not be disappointed in this application. Easy to use and fun to spin, it can make cooking for the family fun again.

    Cooks Illustrated

    CooksMost people that are unfamiliar with the kitchen are in search for applications that provide you with in depth and detailed recipes, shopping lists and steps that are included in making meals for the family or cooking for friends.

    Most people don’t expect to find this type of application for free, but Cook’s Illustrated is available free of charge and includes hundreds upon hundreds of recipes that are available to choose from to ensure that you are serving hearty food for the entire family. The user has the option to search through the popular recipes that are available through the browse function or search for a specific recipe through an ingredient or keyword that can be found in the title, making cooking easy.

    Epicurious Lite

    Epicuroius liteAre you trying to find something to cook for dinner but you have no idea what to make from the ingredients that are available in the pantry and in the fridge? Using the Epicurious Lite app, you can easily find that you are able to search through recipes, but also use ingredients to find recipes that can become a side dish, the main dish or even dessert.

    This way, you don’t have to start blankly into the pantry wondering how you are going to feed everyone for dinner. The answer is literally at your fingertips!

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