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  • Protect Your Mac with VirusBarrier Express

    Mac system users are not usually threatened since majority of the viruses are intended for Windows based systems. Nevertheless, because of the growing population of Mac users, some Mac owners are beginning to fear because of the development of new viruses that may be made to infect Mac systems. If you have long been searching for a free antivirus for you Mac systems, VirusBarrier Express may be the solution to your problem.

    Made by Intego, VirusBarrier Express is a free anti-malware and antivirus software which is based on the developers paid application called VirusBarrier X6. VirusBarrier Express is available only through the App Store. It will protect your system from viruses specifically made for OS X, MS Word and Excel macro-viruses, Trojan horses and it can also dig-up a number of Windows malware and viruses so that Mac users will not unintentionally pass on files that are infected to other Windows based systems.

    This anti-virus software allows Mac users to run scans of any folder, file or volume manually. You can also set your scans to run on schedule and it will start the scanning process automatically. Additionally, you are able to repair some types of files that are infected and a command-line tool is also available for administrative users to repair and scan all other files on their Mac.


    • Scans and removes Java malware
    • Scans and removes PDF malware
    • Users can perform either Quick or Full Scans
    • Scans zip archives
    • Scans and removes Windows executables
    • Users can select trusted files and folders
    • Scans and fixes Mac OS X malware
    • A command-line scanner lets you scan additional files
    • Scans and fixes Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
    • A contextual menu allows users to scan individual files or folders on demand
    • Automatic updates of malware definitions
    • Scans and removes Flash malware
    • No effect on performance
    • VirusBarrier Express is unexpectedly smooth and easy to use.

    VirusBarrier Express includes free “standard malware definitions”, and also provides users the capability to buy tokens which enables them to download “premium malware definitions”. These malware definitions are updated approximately once every month.

    The “standard malware definitions” are also receiving monthly updates, but more or less 60 days later than the premium malware definitions.

    A number of Mac users have whined about this problem, but because I think that since installing an anti-virus on a Mac system is more of a preventive measure rather than an actual protection,  it is not really a big deal if I will be receiving malware definitions at a later time.


    Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

    Download VirusBarrier Express

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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