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  • Protect Your Images with ByteScout Watermarking

    Downloading and installing ByteScout Watermarking LITE is relatively easy, whether you choose archived version ( or just the executable WatermarkingLITE.exe. Watermarking LITE is also available in a portable version (that does not require installation).

    Watermarking LITE is compatible with any Microsoft Windows 2K OS and up to Windows 7, except that you must have  .NET framework 2.0 or higher installed.

    One thing to watch out is the integration in the context menu, accessible only if you leave checked the Add watermark using ByteScout into right-click for images” Next and install.

    What does ByteScout Watermarking LITE?

    Since the first run, we see the current version number, that program is distributed free (freeware) and one of the main limitations. Unlike commercial suites (Watermarking and Watermarking PRO) and even TSR Image Watermark Software, Watermarking LITE can not process batches of files (batch-processing), but only one image at a time. What else you should know about the version, is that it dates from September 2009, a sign that says a lot about the intentions of developers.

    I will return the socio-professional categories addressed by such programs, but suffice it say that Watermarking LITE remains (and due to restrictions imposed by the licensing terms), an ordinary user software.

    To add watermark’s 20 templates are available, including center of the page text, diagonal text, vertical text, embossed text, copied text, annotations, stamps including date, time or file name, poster frame (Demotivational Poster ) And even an element of fun (Lolcat Painting). For each template in part is possible some “customization” and font choice and size, the color, text orientation … and that’s all, because the opacity setting or “advanced” options are reserved for paying users.

    Watermarking LITE supports files in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or GIF (except animations), except that the image can not occur in the same process of adding the watermark’s. In other words, the size (in pixels) and image type remains unchanged, and for any changes (crop, resize, etc..) must use a specialized editor.

    It has a useful preview option (Alt + P), with which you can test different types of permanent signs, and once set the watermark, the program warns you if you are about to overwrite the original file, giving you some alternatives (“rename”, “ovewrite”, “skip”) including the possibility of interrupting the action (“interrupted by user …”).

    You can download ByteScout Watermarking LITE from here.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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