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    PSPad Editor

    Editors PickStill using the default Notepad program that was included with your system to help with editing documents? PSPad was introduced to provide an easy to use text editor with all of the functions a webmaster would need included as well. A great thing to mention about PSPad is its ability to work with dozens of file types including C++, HTML, Cobol, PHP, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Perl, RSS, Visual Basic and several more. PSPad is also available to be viewed in over 120 languages so you will be able to understand the functions certainly. Whether you are a computer guru or a first time learner, the installation of PSPad is a breeze and is ready to work within seconds of downloading. Their website also offers support if you have any questions regarding the program.

    Why use an advanced text editor?

    If you have ever used a default text editor such as Notepad you will soon realize the limited ability you have towards customizing and keeping your work organized. With PSPad various tools are included to help you with any editing needs you may have. As stated before the program supports various file types which all have the ability of syntax highlighting to remember where certain pieces of your document are. To assist in repetitive tasks clip files, templates and macros are included for you to save a great amount of time. Additional features that PSPad offers it the Intergrated HEX support, Macro Reader, File Search/Replace, FTP Client, Code Viewer/page conversion and Project support. As you can see PSPad would be a very helpful program for anyone to use who is needing some extra support with text editing. Softpedia labs which is a very successful online business even tested PSPad and guarantees that the program is 100% free and does not contain any harmful files.

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