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  • Play your videos with Miro Video PLayer

    Miro Video Player is an open-source video player that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is free to download and was developed for watching HD video files. The makers of Miro Video Player have bundled with more than 6000 Internet TV programs and video podcasts giving you a wide array of choices. This application also allows you to download the videos on your computer, which enables you to enjoy these programs even without Internet connectivity.

    Among the video formats supported by Miro are AVI, WMV, MOV, Ogg Theora, MKV or MPEG. Miro also includes support for subtitles. But Miro was not created to be the usual movie player, it was created having HD Internet TV in mind.

    When you launch Miro for the first time, you will see a window that asks you if you want to enable the application at start-up and if you want the program to scan your computer for content. On the upper portion of the window, you will see a mini browser which will redirect you to where you can search for videos online or select from their list of the most popular videos.

    This cool video player program also has a media library, a place where you can organize all your audio and video files as well as manage your download. Furthermore, Miro offers a BitTorrent client, which enables you to search for torrent files, and it also has video feeds which includes great wildlife videos in High Definition format. With Miro, you can create your own play list for better file organization.

    Miro Video Player allows you to customize settings such as:
    – system tray integration
    – control how feeds are handled
    – configure the BitTorrent client
    – watch certain directories for changes and show them in the media library

    Having evaluated all of the relevant points listed above, Miro is just amazing firstly because of the beautiful High Definition movie feeds it offers. On the other hand, as a movie player it does not provide its users the latest options dedicated movie players have, such as video and audio effects, support for DVDs, and many others. But this is not the issue with the player since it was developed for the purpose of providing a better video watching experience to all their users.

    Download Miro for Windows

    Download Miro for Mac OS

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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