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  • Play All Types of Video with AllPLayer

    As a movie enthusiast, I want a video player that plays almost all formats, so I can quickly enjoy my movies on my PC. AllPlayer is a great video player that allows me to watch videos and movies in different formats. Use it to watch MKV, DivX, DVD, Flash and many others. AllPlayer also has a new feature that enables the user to hear the subtitles. They have built connectors to servers allowing users to watch videos with subtitles instantly. Now you are assured that you will not miss any part of your favorite films.

    AllPlayer is also able to convert the latest movie formats to a format that is compatible with your DVD players, iPod, PSP and other mobile devices. With AllPlayer, you will always be informed with updated codec’s-pack.

    As a bottom line, I highly recommend AllPlayer to everyone who loves watching movies on their computers.

    AllPlayer Features:

    1. Plays ALL formats – One program for ALL video formats including DivX, MKV, Flash, Xvid, DVD, QuickTime, FLAC, Mp3 files
    2. Subtitles Monster
    3. Subtitles Speaker – An innovative technology by Ivona, this is a new feature that enables your kids to hear subtitles.
    4. IQ Text – You don’t have to miss any subtitles anymore.
    5. LiveUpdate – A feature that helps keep you up to date with the newly released codec packs. We want to ensure that your system utilizes the least possible space on the system through the native codecs and decoders. Our experts are powerful enough to provide you with the best solutions available online.
    6. Converter ALLtoAVI – With this feature, you can convert new formats like x264 or MKV to the format compatible for your DVD/DivX player for easy playback.
    7. New Setup – Best version ever, specifically for subtitle handling and files management as well.
    8. Better stability – When playing HD movies, older systems won’t play them but with the help of special decoders you will see your movies in higher resolution.
    9. – No more looking for Chinese or English subtitles. With AllPlayer, you will be able to immediately download and share your subtitles.
    10. New formats FLAC and APE – A great leap toward better audio codecs.
    11. AVI Doctor – When you download a torrent file and you want to preview the movie, AVI Doctor you can fix the file allowing you to preview some torrents if you want to.
    12. PlayList – Better PlayList enables users to manage large Audio and Video files.
    13. Better SnapShot – Take a photo as you watch movies and save it. A great tool to help you create movie covers.
    14. PrivateDRM – A specially designed integrated DRM that doesn’t take any private informtion from the users.
    15. Skins – Customize your AllPlayer application using different skins. LiveUpdate always updates the list.

    Download AllPlayer

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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