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  • Pidgin: A Free All-in-one Messenger App

    Pidgin, formerly known as Gaim, is a great multi-protocol instant messaging program for Mac, Windows, Linux and BSD. It works with Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN Messenger, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber, IRC, SILC and Zephyr networks.

    It has been downloaded and used by many computer users because of its capabilities to support more than one instant messaging service. It may not have the latest features that most instant messenger have, but it has gained many fans because it allows them to talk to different group of friends with one program.

    Once you have downloaded the application, you will see a very simple and easy to use interface. All functions and preferences can be accessed easily and setting up your accounts takes a few minutes. All details about each protocol must be submitted such as your username and password. On the menu toolbar, you will see the accounts option where you can add and edit as many accounts as you want. Importing the contact list from each protocol is not necessary as it happens automatically.

    One of the interesting features of Pidgin is its privacy tool. It efficiently handles every user’s privacy and enables them to specify the contacts that are allowed to send messages to them. There is also Buddy Pounces, a preference that enables the user to set alerts when one of your contacts logs on or off, becomes idle, etc. This alert may be received as a notification, a sound or a command that would be executed every time the contact does one of the chosen actions. Transferring files from your buddies is not a problem with Pidgin. With Pidgin, you also have a large collection of plug-ins available online for download.

    You also have text formatting options with Pidgin. Font type, color or font size may be set depending on your preferences. Additionally, new themes may be installed easily by just dragging and dropping them on the list of themes. Lastly, conversations are managed by using tabbed messages and options to show and hide offline users and/or empty groups are also available with this instant messaging software.

    If you are a computer user with more than one instant messaging protocol account, Pidgin is one great program for you. Since this program is compatible with a long list of platforms and supports a variety of protocols, a user may now be able to log in to many accounts simultaneously for free.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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