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    PhotoFiltre is a free image retouching and photo editing program that features an interface that is simple and easy to use. After downloading the program and opening it for the first time, it may look like MS Paint to you as they look very similar to each other. On the other hand, PhotoFiltre is offers  a lot more than MS Paint. This program offers a lot of tools and features that enables you to bring more life and character to your photos.

    Located on the top portion of its interface, PhotoFiltre includes two toolbars that has icons that are easy to recognize. The top toolbar contains the most frequently used settings and the bottom toolbar has more advanced settings (color correction, dust reduction, etc.) It’s not going to be a problem for you if you are new to this program as the icons would have popup message boxes to notify the user of what a specific icon does.

    The best thing about PhotoFiltre is that it supports almost all types of image files. Aside from its effects and filters that are readily availanble after downlaod, you may also create customized filters. That’s really cool! Additionally, the creator made a list of all hotkeys for all operations to make it easier for the user. This list may be found on the help file menu.

    With PhotoFiltre, you may also do batch editing operations, file format conversion, multiple undos, open many images at the same time, add text to images, blending of multiple images and many others. Lastly, this free photo editor is available with 11 language packs: Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Portugese, Czech and Catalan. The tutorials are available in 5 languages: French, English,  Spanish, Czech and Italian.

    However, if you are a professional photographer and you feel that the features of the freeware are not enough, an advanced shareware version may also be downloaded for a fee.

    To conclude, PhotoFiltre is the best photo editing software for both new and advanced users. I higly recommend this program.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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