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  • Paint.Net – Free Software to Edit Pictures.

    Programs as photo editing or graphics processing, have a king that may not yet be dethroned and probably will not rival any in the next 10 years. It’s Photoshop, of course. But the Photoshop from Adobe is a complex instrument, less accessible to ordinary users. And also, very expensive. Therefore, a free alternative and easy to use, including the important functions is welcome.

    Paint.Net is a free program to edit pictures with a simple interface and easy to use. Obviously, you can not compare with Photoshop, but includes the most important features for applications in which category it belongs.


    One of the advantages of Paint.Net is working with layers. Very few free image processing programs include support for layers. Using this feature does not raise any difficulties for novice users or for those who have worked with Photoshop. The principle is similar to working with layers, similar function as Photoshop.

    Like Photoshop, Paint.Net management layer is based in a small window in which they are displayed one under another. Order of that window is the order in which they will overlap in the image.


    Paint.Net includes the most important tools for changing pictures: selection (including the Magic Wand for quick selection of an object), brush, gradient, eraser, color picker, clone stamp, etc..

    Even if it doesn’t provide the same functionality as Photoshop, in most cases, these tools are sufficient for ordinary users to improve the quality of a picture or change some aspects. For example,  the selection function allows the addition or removal of the selection of areas.


    Paint.Net offers numerous effects that can be applied to photos. The artistic effects (Oil Painting, Ink Sketch, etc..) from distortions, the user has sufficient means by which they can leave their mark on images.

    There are, of course other features like the ability to set or modify image attributes: color, saturation, contrast, etc.. Adjustments can be made ​​either manually or automatically.

    Even if you can not compare it with Photoshop or similar applications, Paint.Net is a solution for users who are not pursuing complex operations. In addition, it’s free and very easy to use.

    Download for free now.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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