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  • See the World With Google Earth

    Google Earth is an application created by Google that allows its user to travel and see the bird’s eye view of the world in 2d or 3d. After installing this application, you can type in an address and Google Earth will try to locate it so can zoom right in to the typed address. With this application you can search for parks, restaurants, schools, hotels, tourist spots and many others. You can rotate and tilt the view as well, making it more fun. Also, you are allowed to add your own annotations and save or share your favorites.

    When you download this application, it will be presented in a binary file that handles the installation process. If you want to take advantage of the 3D support, a graphics card needs to be installed. You will be receiving a warning from Google Earth telling you that this might cause an issue. Though the application may be used without it, the graphics card will make the program run faster.

    After installation, you can easily go to anywhere in the planet. Users from the United States can greatly benefit from Google Earth because it features almost all of the great places in the US. The developers of this program used layers to present an assortment of data of general interest, which includes roads, borders, transportation, 3D buildings and others. In the 4th version of this software, they have added a new feature where it can have textured buildings allowing Google to make a realistic representation of the Earth.

    Google Earth uses KML file format to add and share data. Google made sure that they have expanded the capabilities of this format in the latest version to meet the demands and creative inputs of millions of Google Earth users who are interested in sharing and adding data to the Google Earth community. This application can also provide you with information about the distance from one place to another. It features both a line and path support and you can set the unit of measurement according to your preference as well.

    It is quite obvious that the data on this application cannot be updated very often, it is expected that a small percentage of its data can be a bit outdated. Google declared that majority of the images on the application is roughly about one to 3 years old.

    Given all of the above, it should be clear that Google Earth is one amazing application that brings in a lot of information in a fun and entertaining way.  A unique software that is free for personal use, I recommend this to anyone. I believe that upcoming versions of Google Earth will offer better features and more powerful than ever.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • LibreOffice: A Free Productivity Suite

    LibreOffice is a complete productivity suite that is packed with features. The great news is you can download and install LibreOffice for free. This application will work with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It includes everything you will ever need for preparing school or work-related documents and other types of data processing requirements.

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  • FlipToast: A Cool FaceBook Application

    Are you a Facebook fanatic? Well, I guess most of us are and if you have long been searching for an easy and smart Facebook desktop client for your Mac system, we highly recommend FlipToast.

    Unlike a lot of other Facebook clients that do not offer some important Facebook UI components like chat feature and live notifications, FlipToast was created to notify you about all your Facebook updates in real time. Be immediately notified if a friend commented on your status or tags a photo of you. You will always be quickly informed about all the things that are happening with friends and everything that is related to your profile.

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  • SMPlayer a Portable Player Alternative to BSPlayer

    SMPlayer uses the engine’s of the most famous video player, namely MPlayer. Basically SMPlayer is a lesser known brother of the famous MPlayer. The player we are talking about today does not require installation of new codecs, it has its own codecs and the collection will update itself from the Internet, SMPlayer can run files like AVI, MKV, OGM, MPEG, VOB, 3GP, ASF, MOV, WMV, MP3, OGG and many others.

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  • Herald: For a Better Experience

    A great plug-in for Mac, Herald lets you know what is happening in your inbox even if you are busy with other things on your Mac. Perfect for busy students and businessmen, this great plug-in is something that should be on your system.

    With Herald, you will be receiving a preview of an incoming e-mail through a pop-up, which provides you with the basic information about the mail – the name of the sender, a preview of the message and also gives you the option to close the pop-up window and go straight to the mail or immediately act on the message from the pop up using a one click menu. This menu allows you to either mark the message as junk, mark it as read, delete it or immediately open it in the or quickly open a reply window with one click! The last option is really great since you can reply to an email in just a couple of minutes straight from the pop-up window and then go back to what you were previously working on.
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  • Organize Your Ideas With Thoughtback

    Thoughtback is similar to a digital notebook – this application allows you to quickly save thoughts, questions, important data, quotes, etc. You can either use Thoughtback from the web, on your iPhone or iPad and your Mac. We know that there are many note-taking applications available online. What sets Thoughtback apart is it automatically sends your thoughts back to you. After saving a new “thought”, the application will bring up a random thought that you have previously saved. Additionally, the app will send you a recap email once every week. There is also the option to make use of hashtags, a feature that helps you organize your saved ideas.

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  • Top 10 Free Twitter Applications

    Most of us spend at least couple of hours on social networks every day and sometimes we don’t have time for all the details. This is where these applications facilitate our work (or increase the fun). Below is the list of 10 most used Twitter programs.

    10. TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR application for desktop. You can send and track messages, view profiles and you can customize the list of users strong enough to read them. You can divide the window into multiple columns: Direct Messages, Acknowledgements, Groups (created by you), Facebook Status, Favorites, Featured TweetDeck, and StockTweets TweetScoop. The option that lets you create groups and sort people to watch carefully as a particular topic or event change. It has an option to translate incoming messages in English and those sent in … well in many languages. Very useful are the “shortened” link and the ability to “upload” a picture (the picture will be stored in the Twitpic account).

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  • Clementine A Modern Music Player For Mac

    Clementine is a powerful modern audio player that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux without any problem. This software is inspired by Amarok 1.4 with more easy-to-use and a fast interface.

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  • RecoveryDesk a Free Data Recovery Software

    A very good software, specializing in recovering data from USB sticks. RecoveryDesk is extremely simple and intuitive, and will ensure you that it does its job with the great efficiency.

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  • Moovida Media Center An Exciting Multimedia Player

    Moovida is a free multimedia player that can play any video or audio file. The software allows you to manage content based on your needs. The program has a stylish and easy to use interface, optimized for displaying content in high definition (HDTV).

    The application can access and easily play all media files stored on your PC. You can also access online sharing sites like YouTube, Flickr and SHOUTcast just from a few clicks. The software supports the use of a remote control to remotely manage the functions of the program.

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