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  • Organize Your Schedule with Sunbird

    A remodel of the Mozilla Calendar module, Sunbird is a calendar platform that aims to create an independent calendar application on the XUL user interface language of Mozilla. It features the same functionality of the Mozilla Calendar and uses identical bug fixes and bugs as well. It was developed for Firefox and Thunderbird users who have the need for a separate calendar application. This explains that Sunbird is a free software that can be utilized on different platforms without any restrictions to its user.

    The latest version of Sunbird (Version 0.9) features a visual point of reference that indicates the days as connected events. You can opt to use your preferred calendar view (day, week, multiweek, month) with Sunbird. Additionally, the freeware’s memory and application stability has been significantly made better than previous versions.

    One of the good things in Sunbird is that each element that is included in the interface dilates whenever the window is maximized. When this happens, the user will see a clearer picture of all the tasks that are plotted as well as the scheduled events for the day.

    Once the user switches to day view, the page will divide the day in “hourly” boxes. Scheduled tasks and events are visibly marked to ensure that they will not be missed.

    When scheduling an event or a task, you can choose to provide a location and a start and an end time aside from its name. All these events/tasks can be easily categorized with Sunbird’s default categories. You can also add additional categories to customize your Sunbird calendar.

    Sunbird also features three different privacy levels which allows the user to set the priority and set the status of the activity about the significant details you need once the alarm sets off. Alarms can also be set to ring either before or after the event depending on your preference. Lastly, Sunbird allows you to keep multiple calendars that can be used for different purposes.

    Given all of the above features, it should be certainly clear that Sunbird is a great calendar application that is simple and yet highly functional. Everything that one would need in a calendar app is included in Sunbird. If you need an easy way to organize your work and personal schedules, download the freeware from Mozilla. The developers opted out of using complex features in this program to make it ideal for beginners and also advanced PC users.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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