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  • Organize Your Ideas With Thoughtback

    Thoughtback is similar to a digital notebook – this application allows you to quickly save thoughts, questions, important data, quotes, etc. You can either use Thoughtback from the web, on your iPhone or iPad and your Mac. We know that there are many note-taking applications available online. What sets Thoughtback apart is it automatically sends your thoughts back to you. After saving a new “thought”, the application will bring up a random thought that you have previously saved. Additionally, the app will send you a recap email once every week. There is also the option to make use of hashtags, a feature that helps you organize your saved ideas.

    With Thoughtback, you may store random thoughts from your business meetings, save articles and snippets from your favorite stories, song titles, jokes, or stories that are inspiring and you’d like to share to others. Anything that you feel you might need to remember at any time in the future will be a great Thoughtback entry.

    This application may be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or you may also click here to download Thoughtback. As soon as you have downloaded the application on your Mac, you will be requested to sign in or to create your account with them.

    To use this application and add a “thought”, simply click on the icon located in your system bar and type inside the thought box that will appear. If you right click on the icon, you will see a menu that gives you a selection if you would want to add a thought, edit your settings, go to the applications website or exit from the application.

    If you ant to create a keyboard shortcut launch your preferences and enter the preferred shortcut key in the box that says, “Click to record shortcut.”

    Clicking on the “Preferences” entry in the menu will allow you to customize the application. Remember that you would be required to go their website if you want to edit your account settings and for any other settings that are not included in the Mac application that has been installed on the system. This includes but is not limited to changing your email notification preferences or changing your password.

    After saving a “thought” in Thoughtback, you will be reminded of this thought in a few days. Reminders will appear randomly but this setting may be turned off by going to preferences and unchecking the box that says “Display random thought notifications.”. So, if you are someone who would have random thoughts and ideas from time to time, this will be a very useful application that can help you.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 


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