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    A great file management software that allows the user to see their files and folders in two different panes, FreeCommander makes it easy to navigate through these files. With more benefits and features than an ordinary file management program, FreeCommander is also free to download. IT also occupies very little space and may be carried in a removable storage as well

    If you have used Total Commander in the past, you will notice that the interface of both programs look similar. IT also has similarities with the classic Windows Explorer window that came with every Windows based PC. Though we feel that it may take a little while for a new user to familiarize himself with this program, we can assure you that the time it takes you to learn the navigation process will be well worth it.

    On FreeCommanders menu bar, you will see normal stuff like the File, View, Edit and Help commands. Other than these items, you will see the Extras and Folder menu. All these are displayed as shortcut icons so you can get to it right away. They contain settings and options that will make file management easier for its owner.

    One good feature of having two windowpanes for your file is that it will allow you to quickly copy, or cut and paste a file from one folder to another. Furthermore, FreeCommander gives you the option to change the view and make files appear horizontally. To do this, click Ctrl+H or choose Divide Horizontally.

    With FreeCommander, you can unzip .war, .jar and .ear files too. It has an archiving tool for the user to be able to manage .zip, .cab and .rar files as well. With its built-in file viewer, files may be views as text, hex or image format.

    In conclusion, FreeCommander is a very useful program that will make file organization easier and faster. The options allow everyone to customize their program according to their preferences. Lastly, this file manager can be downloaded here without any costs involves. I suggest that you give this a try and see for yourself.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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