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    A Tweak UI utility used for optimizing and tweaking Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.1 is free to download and be utilized as a portable application to manage and customize your Windows operating system that will meet your requirements. The standalone application do not need any installation and features an uncomplicated interface that includes a category list of all the available tweaks and provides hints when the mouse is hovered to each entry.

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker enables its user to manage and customize your desktop and set preferences according to your needs. You may also adjust security settings and tweak the system’s performance, manage Internet Explorer settings and many more. The application also has a one of a kind option to create check boxes to Windows Explorer, which enables the user to choose multiple files without the need for the CTRL button on the keyboard.

    By using smart tweaking techniques, Ultimate Windows Tweaker is guaranteed to make your system running faster, become more stable and have increased security by just s few clicks of the mouse. Moreover, this application can detect if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed on your system. Once it detects the correct operating system, it would only offer appropriate tweaks for the system. Best of all, Ultimate Windows Tweaker has an interface that looks very simple and user friendly as well. All tweaks are properly categorized in different headings based on their purpose. Majority of the tweaks are concealed within Vista, and this application tries to put the functional ones in one place.

    The tweaks are categorized into these headings:

    Personalization – contains tweaks that help you manage your Windows Vista, just the way you want it to appear. Tweaks for basic customization for Windows Explorer, Start Menu and Taskbar, along with some performance tweaks are included here.
    User Accounts & UAC – contains tweaks to set User Account status and Customize access privileges by tweaking the User Account Control settings.
    System & Performance – These tweaks help you to boost system performance.
    Security – This category includes restrictions and security choices for Windows Explorer, Windows Update and a number of Windows applications.
    Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8) – The Tweaker detects the your IE version and adjust controls depending on the version of the browser and currently supports IE7, IE7 with SP1, IE8 Beta 1 and IE8 Beta 2.
    Network Optimization – provides options to optimize Network & to make the communication experience easier and more secure.
    Additional Options – On this page, are tweaks, which allow customizing Registered User information, along with some useful context menu, and desktop tweaks.

    Other features include:

    1.     Data Execution Prevention or DEP feature in Windows Vista

    2.     Problem Reports and Solutions Center in Windows Vista

    3.     De-Mystifying The Windows Vista Registry.

    4.     Unravel Tweaks & Settings buried inside Vista’s Group Policy Editor.

    5.     Microsoft Robocopy in Windows Vista

    6.     All about Windows Command Line, Batch Files, and Scripting in Vista.

    7.     Make your Vista send you e-mails using Task Scheduler!

    8.     BitLocker Feature in Vista.

    9.     Change Vista Sounds.

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a lightweight executable file, which packs more than 150 settings and tweaks. Just download the zip file, extract the folder contents and run the Ultimate Windows Tweaker at no cost.

    Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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