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  • OpenProj: A free project manager

    Today, the Internet has changed in a lot of ways and allowed us to communicate faster and it has been easier for users to gather information and increase our productivity. Additionally, it has helped a lot of businesses and managers manage tasks and daily work related activities through the Internet. To help business owners and Project Managers with this task, they can use OpenProj.

    OpenProj is a free task tracker program that can be used to monitor shared tasks and check work progress as well. It looks similar to paid project management applications but this program does not cost anything. This means that the application can be used with no limits, may it be for personal or commercial purposes.

    Most project managers know how important it is to have a reliable task management program. These tools help them analyze and monitor a lot of information. The tasks, the schedule, the number of hours and work days for the project can all be identified with OpenProj. This allows the project manager to graphically chart the progress and status of the project.  This can then be used during presentations and meetings with the managers and project sponsors.

    As of today, OpenProj has been downloaded by millions of users from 142 countries worldwide. It has been translated into a lot of languages such as Spanish, German, Russian, French, Korean, Chinese and many others. The OpenProj download is presented as an auto-installing file for Windows. Also, OpenProj is available for Unix, Mac and Linux computers. OpenProj is capable of importing legacy project files and allows you to save them in the application’s format. With OpenProj, employees and managers can do business even if they are based in different locations.

    With this project management tool, a manager creates the list of tasks for a project. Each task can be assigned to resources and will include an estimated time of completion. Tasks can be saved as a sub-task of a parent task. OpenProj also allows you to change task settings and deadlines. By changing a duration setting within a project, its effect for the entire project can be instantly viewed.

    With all the amazing features enumerated above, I conclude that OpenProj is one of the best project management tools available online. It has helped millions of businesses all over the world. It is packed with great features and the best news is that it’s free to download.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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