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    OpenOffice is a free suite of office software (Open source). The project’s source code is based on a previous version of StarOffice from Sun Microsystems. The main name is project and not OpenOffice, thanks to a trademark conflict. is a direct competitor of Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft’s suite is on the market majority. It has a similar interface and implements the most popular features of commercial software. uses the OpenDocument files format standardized by OASIS. With a few exceptions, can read and write documents in Microsoft Office formats. components resemble with Microsoft Office, even the distinctive colors are similar, have been chosen so users can migrate from Microsoft Office to more easier. It said that unlike other office automation software packages, does not include one application for each component, but each component is integrated into the application itself. Thus, the user can do this: open a text document, edit it, close it without closing the application itself, then opens a spreadsheet in the same application, change it, and so on.
    Between the components there is greater interoperability in the package, they can turn to each other at any time. The six main components are (in parentheses added to the correspondent Microsoft Office): Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (PowerPoint), Draw, Base (Access) and Math (Equation). There are other components that will not run separately but is integrated in the component where they were called, they are Chart, Media Player, Gallery and Quickstarter Basic. package features can be added through a system of simillar add-ons to the one in Firefox.

    Calc is the spreadsheet component of Calc works with registers (spreadsheets), similar to Excel of Microsoft Office. The records consist of a number of individual pages (sheets), each containing a block of cells arranged in rows and columns.

    Impress is a complete presentation tool from suit. Impress lets you create multimedia presentations with 2D and 3D graphics.
    Writer is not just a word processor but also perform other functions being called by other applications and For example, Base, forms and reports are created with the help of the writer, even if the form / final report is not saved as a separate file, but as an object form / report database file.

    Besides the convenience of a word processor (check spelling / grammar, find / replace, auto dash, automatic generation of tables, attachment to e-mail and others), Writer has other key features such as templates and styles, different methods like the layout of text (frames, headers, footers), attaching the diagrams, graphics created in other components of, includes drawing tools, database integration and export documents in Portable Document Format ( PDF).

    Because it is a free software, it’s easy to try it in your daily work.  Download OpenOffice

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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