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  • Norton Ghost – Great Software for PC Backup

    Today we decided to analyze several computer programs dedicated to perform backups in a more secure way that hold information, or are necessary for later use.

    Dedicated programs have emerged as necessary for the “classical” solution often involves the use of external storage solutions, like DVD blanks, but the main disadvantage here is given by the “manual” character.

    With the help of dedicated programs like Norton Ghost, you do not have anything else to do than to install, and configure them once with the parameters you want (what type of files to be saved, what folders or drives from the system), and later it will make back-up to the user pre-configured intervals, the only thing which remains to be taken into account is the open space in which the program places its output files.

    Again, these programs find their full contribution if your backup is at a company, because there are many useful information like volume and would be a titanic work to be saved each file separately.

    Other important features to keep in mind would be the way to create discs to boot the “old” operating system, if the information is completely destroyed or the old hard disk was damaged so much that doesn’t “contain” information, or to give the opportunity to fully format a partition or an entire hard disk drive (in case of virus infections for example) and another element that we care about safety, now is the time to make or upload an image backup.

    One of that great software is Norton Ghost.

    A well-known program like Norton Ghost is something that has a price but as being the most expensive option of all programs of this type normally have probably paid a little extra when we are dealing with a company like Symantec but besides this, it has several shortcomings: firstly, it lacks the ability to create, delete, or format a partition on the computer, why not a full program in this regard.

    Norton Ghost is a very efficient and rapid tool for cloning systems, create backups, restore in case of failure of the system files.
    Norton Ghost, through the advanced backup and recovery, offers complete protection against data loss.

    For a more safety solution, Download Norton Ghost.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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