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  • NetSetMan: A Free Network Setting Manager

    In today’s world where mobility is very important, our Internet Technology specialists have developed the need to be connected to everyone, anytime, anywhere. We have tablets, laptops and mobile phones that enable us to be online when we need to.  Through this advancement, most businessmen can attend meetings and close deals even if they are not physically present in the office.

    Whether you use a laptop, a tablet PC or any other type of gadget to be online anywhere, you need to create different IP settings depending on your location. This is where NetSetMan comes in.

    NetSetMan is a tool that enables you to easily switch from one network setting to another. You can pre-configure each setting and label them with your own choice of profile name. This program is perfect for those who are working remotely of for people who are always traveling. With NetSetMan, there’s no need for you to perform manual configuration each time as you can just click your profile name and you’re good to go.

    This program can store settings and preferences for IP addresses, Subnet Masks, Default Gateways, DNS Servers, Wifi Printers and many more. You can set 6 different network profiles with the NetSetMan free version and if you need more, you can opt to upgrade to their Pro version.

    NetSetMan’s user interface is divided into two parts. The main part is on the left side that contains the profile chooser and a drop down menu that allows you to pick up your network device and configure IP’s for each of them. Below the network card picker, you will see the IP and DNS server field and more data boxes. This part will look familiar if ou have experienced configuring your Windows TCP/IP Properties window on your system.

    On the rightmost side of a NetSetMan screen, you will see three additional buttons. An “activate” button, which enables the user to select one of the 6 profiles, the second button called is called “Info” which contains global settings of the program: language settings, close activation dialog, enable NetSetMan to start with Windows, etc. The last button is the “Quit” button, which exits the program.

    In a nutshell, NetSetMan is an ideal program that is very useful for people who are on the go. Switching from one network setting to another has never been this easy. And since it’s free, it is one of the best ‘tools’ that you can have on your laptop.

    Download NetSetMan

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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