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  • Need to Know More About Your PC? Try CPU-Z

    Today, most businesses, schools and home could not live without a computer. It has become one of the most valuable tools for everyone to do business, shop, communicate with family and be entertained as well. Every computer user would want have the latest version of everything that they have installed on their systems, so they can have a better computing experience. However, most of us fail to think about upgrading what’s inside of our system. Have you ever thought of upgrading your processor or adding more RAM memory on your system?

    Having said this, I have come to realize that it is also very important that we take care and if possible upgrade the hardware components on our systems. Running the latest version of photo or video editors on an older system will never work like it’s supposed to. Therefore, if you want a detailed report about everything that is inside your computer, download CPU-Z.

    This is a freeware program created by CPUID and it aims to provide you with an in-depth report about all the components inside your system. Though the name might make you think that it can only provide details and monitor your system’s processor, think again. CPU-Z’s interface has five tabs, which offers information about the CPU, memory and the motherboard as well.

    The interface looks very basic but it contains all the necessary information that you may need. The first tab is the CPU tab and it provides details about the brand ID and the name of the CPU. It also includes the package, code name, core speed, technology, bus speed, mutliplier, HT link and cache (L1 data and L1 code). Next, you will see the Cache tab that shows the L1 data cache, inclusive of is size and descriptor. You will also see the L1 Instruction Cache and the L2 Cache in this tab. The following tab is called the mainboard tab. In here, you will see the following details: manufacturer, chipset, sensor, southbridge, model, graphic, BIOS brand and graphic interface. The fourth tab is the Memory section where you will see information about the memory size, type and channels. The other tab called the SPD (serial presence detect) provides you with the manufacturer, maximum bandwidth and the module size.

    Aside from the CPU-Z executable file, there’s another one called Latency.exe. You can also launch this application so you can see the latency computation of your system’s cache.

    Overall, I can say that CPU-Z is a recommendable program and is also compatible with major devices available in the market. Another good thing is that this program takes a tiny space on your system and is also very easy to use.



    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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