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  • Need to BackUp? Use BackUp Maker

    BackUp Maker is a free back up application that is very easy to use. It offers a great set of features that will help all type of computer users who needs to back up their most important data.  Featuring an interface that looks very modern and yet easy to navigate, BackUp Maker includes a setup wizard that guides you every step of the way. You will be given the option to hide or show advanced options as well as filters where you can include or exclude certain types of files.

    This back up software also has an easy to use scheduler that features fine grain control on execution times and also gives you the option to perform back up jobs either during start up, shutdown, or as soon as a USB volume is installed. The software will reschedule a missed job time automatically and has the capability to perform before and after job tasks which includes turning off the system, mounting and un-mounting the network drive, starting a subsequent backup job, printing a copy of the backup log or sending a report through email.

    Backup Maker did not shrink from encountering foreign/unicode characters or long file names. Each time backups are made every file is verified using a hash check. (CRC32)

    It does a number of backup methods such as differential and incremental zip archives, which is also known as “partial backups” and they are shown in clear and understandable terminology.  Every type of backup can be fine-tuned with specific file property guidelines, including reset and archive “bit” set. Archives can also be encrypted if you need additional security.  Archives can be easily named using the date stamp and may be split into your desired size.  It also supports backing up any local, network, or any type of online storage that supports ftp (SSL included), and it has the built in support for burning files straight to CD/DVD.

    Backup maker also helps in restoring files to its original or to a new folder.  You can restore a whole backup, or just a file or two. A great search feature is also available for finding a file you need from the zip archive.

    One little concern that I have is that a pop up nag screen would come up from time to time to inform you that the free version is for personal use only, and that it will not appear if you register it for commercial use.  Aside from that, there is no difference between the commercial and the free versions.

    Download Backup Maker

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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