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  • Need An RSS Reader For Your Mac? Use Shrook

    Are you in search of a clever RSS feed reader? Try Shrook for Mac. This RSS feed reader organizes and presents news feeds in a customizable and easy way. This reader supports all versions of Atom and RSS. Some features of Shrook are not even available on any other platform.

    Shrook Features:

    * Shrook is a newsreader and an RSS and Atom feed aggregator as well.
    * Distributed inspections for all Shrook installations can reduce the workload for famous sites.
    * An application that supports virtual folders, Shrook is able to gather related news through the use of keywords.
    * Also, Shrook can be set to use Bayesian statistics so the program can learn from example as to what you want in a folder.
    * This application can be used to store and read news items to iPods and supports OPML for synchronization.
    * Use Spotlight to search for entries in Shrook
    * This application allows you to organize individual channels in your custom folders.
    * Shrook offers feed suggestions for frequently updated channel guides so you can easily subscribe.
    * Old news items can be removed easily by the program an all items that are scrpabooked are kept for an indefinite period of time.
    * If you have several Shrook installations and you want to synchronize them, you may do so by creating a account.
    * Shrook works with Mac OS X 10.2+ and Safari 1.1+.

      With all the features listed above, I can say that Shrook is a recommendable RSS feed reader and news aggregator. It’s great in giving you the most relevant an the latest of what’s happening. This is possible because this program utilizes distributed checking processes to ensure you that you will receive the latest postings just minutes after it happened.

      With Shrook, you can also create “Smart Groups” that immediately aggregate related news based on your feeds built from a set of keywords.  You can also easily subscribe to new feeds with this free application and quickly forward any item by email as well. Shrook can also be customized to work with third-party blog editors so you can post blog entries easily.

      Lastly, as I have mentioned earlier, Shrook also lets you properly organize your news feeds and customize how articles are displayed. Make use of its easy search feature using OS X’s Spotlight and be amazed by how fast this application will get you the results that you need based on the keyword you entered.

      Download Shrook for Mac OS X

      Rating: ★★★★★ 

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