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  • Need a New Email Client? Try Thunderbird

    If you are searching for an Outlook replacement, a stable desktop client or a way to efficiently manage you emails offline; Mozilla’s Thunderbird will definitely meet your requirements.

    Although a lot of people today are okay with managing their e-mails using Web-based programs such as Yahoo Mail or Gmail, some would still prefer using local programs to handle their contacts and email messages. With a local email program, you can save your messages to your hard drives, customize your settings and allows you to access your messages even if you are offline.

    If you want a local email program, there are a number of choices that you can choose from. Windows have Outlook, Mac users have Apple Mail and Mozilla has created its own called Thunderbird.

    Thunderbird users are all grateful for its amazing features. This email program responds and loads quickly, even if it has RSS feeds and has multiple folders. Similar to any other email applications, it features junk mail filters, multiple identities, HTML capabilities and support for Web mail, IMAP, POP and Microsoft Exchange server.

    When it comes to user privacy and security, Thunderbird provides the user with options such as message encryption, digital signing, S/MIME and an integrated phishing filter. There are also add-ons available online to provide the user with an advanced level of security.

    Other Thunderbird features include a search tool that incorporates results with desktop searches. It also presents emails using tabs, which strengthens the connection between your mails and web browsing. You may also customize the way your email program looks with Personas skins from Mozilla.

    When performing a search with Thunderbird, you will not only see the messages that contain your search term but it will also provide you with a timeline of the message traffic for the specific term. Names that were mentioned in the messages will also appear along with the list of search results, and this allows you to further refine your search by simply clicking on their names.

    Adding email addresses in a message header is also easy with Thunderbird. Simply click on the star icon next to a name and that’s it. When writing messages, this email program will pop up a yellow warning at the bottom part of the message whenever words such as “enclosed”, “attached” or “attachment are typed. A cool way to remind you to attach whatever file is needed in the message.

    So, why not give Thunderbird a try? It is not only packed with practical features but the best part of it all is, it’s free!

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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