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  • Need a defragmenter? Try MyDefrag

    If you are in need of a maintenance utility for your Windows based system, MyDefrag is a great choice. It is an optimizer and disk defragmenter and is free to download. A fully functional utility, MyDefrag does not have a time limit and does not have advertisements. It will be able to defregment not only your hard drive but other storage media (floppies, USB disks, memory sticks) as well.

    MyDefrag is perfect for users who are searching for a customizable tool that is full of features. For advanced computer users, MyDefrag can create scripts that will work how they want it to work. The user interface is simple and is very easy to use. It has descriptive texts for each setting which will be beneficial for beginners.

    Features of MyDefrag:

    1. 3 Levels of Disk Data Management. Aside from defragmenting fragmented file segments, the tool also optimizes and consolidates the files so that they will be in a maximized physical location on your hard disk.
    2. Seven modes of operation. The built-in scripts of MyDefrag offers seven run-time preferences – analyze only, defragment only, consolidate free space, optimize monthly, optimize weekly and optimize daily.
    3. Flash memory disks. An option specially developed for SSD and flash drives. As much as possible, this options moves little data as it still offers the benefits of cosolidation and defragmentation.
    4. Detailed graphical interface. Most of us may be used to seeing tiny squares that represents the data during defragmentation process. With MyDefrag, it will look completely different. You will also see a percentage completes status for every step in the defragmentation process.
    5. Support for 32 and 64-bit version of Windows. During setup, MyDefrag automatically detects the bit version of the operating system and installs the appropriate version of the software.
    6. Single or multiple drives select. MyDefrag enables their users to choose one or more drives.
    7. Support for 22 languages.
    8. Help file: This tool has an extensive help file filled with information for beginners and advanced users as well. If you need any assistance or you have queries about this tool, you may check out their Help file to find the answers that you need.
    9. Screen Saver option: A great feature of MyDefrag that defrags the system even if your Windows goes into the screen saver mode.
    10. Boot-time defragmentation. MyDefrag script can be schedules through the Windows Task Scheduler to run at boot-time.

    Having evaluated all of the features enumerated about, it should be clear that MyDefrag is one of the best free tools that you can download for your Windows system maintenance. I recommend MyDefrag for all types of PC users. Not only it’s free, it’s also very easy to use as well.

    Download MyDefrag

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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